Winter jacket GU1981 (MWM012) - a worthy analogue of the famous brand GUESS

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Briefly. Fortunately, inexpensive. Like. Definitely take it! Excellent winter jacket, high-quality Chinese clothing fake on the famous American brand.
Next - I ask under the cat.
Good day!
The first review, it is like a pancake, which is lumpy. Especially do not scold, but criticize. Thank.

So, there was a desire to talk about my, recentlyarrived, the long-awaited clothing update. I saw this jacket, I felt it was mine! A little doubted (the seller was almost without rating + such a sweet sweater for ridiculous money), but overpowered. In general, I purchased several pieces at once, in order to also use this item as a New Year's gift to my friends :).
Bought on November 17, sent on November 21, wellReceived the first jacket - January 21. Yes - exactly 2 months. Not a funny time, you will notice. But there will be objections, because the expectations were almost completely justified!
Pre-exchanged with the Chinese seller (toBy the way, a very polite and competent person), who kindly gave up a few dollars from each jacket. Price - 32.5 evergreen for one position. Fine!
In size. On a page with a jacket there is a range of sizes (crooked, or I did not understand properly). In general, I decided not to risk it - I measured it and wrote it off to Seller. Received data - 4 XXL, 1 XL (Chinese sizes, which differ from European ones by minus one position, I mean XXL (china) = XL (europe)). All sizes coincided - no doubt happy.
Dimension plate:

So sweater. Package wrapped perfectly in a standard yellow Chinese package. The weight of the jacket is 1078 grams (postal scales do not lie!).

Immediately make a reservation, showing the XL format jacket on myself (height - 173 cm, weight - 64 kg, chest girth - 95 cm, width - 50 cm, sleeve length - 59 cm).
Sweatshirt on me:

Specifications. Or softly comfortable and not at all prickly.
The sweater is knitted with a face knit, the lining is faux fur (polyester).
Knitting pad:

The hem and cuffs are knitted elastic.

Used plastic zipper (like so called). Drawing - near-winter theme (snowflakes, snow, etc.).

Sleeves inside - synthetic winterizer.

The stitches are excellent, mating overall - on the level. Brand :)).
Brand brand

A small minus - it is in my sweater (XL) that the “cheeky ears” stick out - not very nice, but since I wear the sweater tucking it is not very important (for me). In other sweaters there is no such problem.
Ears, if you see:

The exact composition of the fabrics is known only to the most important Chinese apparel, but, I repeat, everything looks very dignified and of high quality.
The color is the same as the color on the site. And indeed - the picture from the site completely brushed off all the questions on the jacket. Everything looks the way it is. A plus!
Photo side, just in case:

The jacket is very warm (skates and -10 degrees Celsius= successful, ice-free and comfortable skating). I’m not afraid of it, but for 22 years of my life, I didn’t wear a warm jacket on myself ^ _ ^. (If the current is quilted, but it does not matter).
After the arrival, there was a desire to purchase from many relatives and friends, but I will not buy it, because it is too late. :))
Other photos:

The result - very pleased with the jacket. This is undoubtedly the most successful Chinese online shopping apparel (out of 10-15 perfect). Frustrating delivery time, but there's nothing you can do.
If you have any questions - ask! I will answer.
Thank you all.