Headphone cushions. Lot.

Speech in this mini review will go about ear cushions, or simply about foam lining for headphones droplets.
Who cares, welcome under cat.
I use headphones to listen to audiobooks, headphones are in the ear for a long time. Therefore, they should be comfortable and light. I don’t like vacuum headphones, I don’t like big headphones either.

I use Sennheiser MX 170, enough for several years. The advantage of them is that they come with foam inserts. You can listen with them without them.
Over time, relatives stretch, strive to fly off the earphone and get lost.
Buy as offline such ear cushions archidly. A pair of glued foam disks cannot cost so much ... For example zeondigital.ru/catalog/ambushyury-porolonovye-18-mm-para.html
Therefore, I went to aliexpress.
There were, moreover, many at once. Bought for $ 0.99
Immediately 50 pairs. Enough for a long time. Suitable for headphones with 13-18 mm in diameter.
Now the seller does not have this, but there are other sellers. A link to one of them and set.

It was a trackless package.
Stretch on headphones, look like relatives.
The device is elementary: 1 disc and 1 ring, glued together around a circle.

Diameter 17 mm

bore diameter 6 mm

height 7mm

Lots of steam and inexpensive.
I did not find any minuses.
On this microscopes complete, all a good day!