Antibacterial toothbrushes coated with bamboo charcoal

I did not see a toothbrush review on Muska. Maybe I was looking badly, and maybe no one ordered.
I ordered a set of toothbrushes for Ali. I ordered more out of curiosity. Antibacterial brushes and bamboo-coated, which caused interest. Moreover, the price for them is not so high for 20 pieces. Yes, and even washed them Korean origin. Now the seller threw as much as 2 bucks. now $ 10.29

In general, paid the lot, and a couple of days receivedtrack code and letter from the seller. thank you for the order, they say, they sent everything, we wish you all the best and hope. what else will you buy from us? Time passed, and the issued track did not break through. After 2 weeks, and having failed to break through the track, he wrote to the seller. What they say for nonsense, and whether he sent an order at all. In response, he received assurances that everything was sent, wait, the post of China is now working poorly. After waiting another week, the track did not appear. Wrote again and resented a bit. In response, all too. Wait and apologize.
Nv days wait tired, and wrote to the seller thatIf the track does not appear anywhere else for a week, I will open a dispute and demand a refund. The seller apparently died down. since tearfully he begged not to open the dispute, but to wait a little longer, and if I did not receive anything, then he would return the money.
And today, I jerked to look into the mailbox, and there is a notice about the parcel from the Middle Kingdom, only the track on it is suspicious, I did not have such.
In general, I received, picking up the parcel, I realized that these same brushes had come.
In general, questions arose to the seller, why the track was modified and for all the time he did not guess to see which track I was sent to and did not inform me.
I ordered something from another seller, the parcel returned to him, in connection with the well-known festive party nonsense in China, so he sent again and informed the new track.
Well, okay, now the object itself review.
The box came in a completely normal form, a bit taken from one side, but completely insignificant.

In the first box there were piles of brushes, 2 in each. Ears for hanging were bent to fit into the box.
what's inside

Handles brushes four colors, black bristles, such as bamboo. On the back of the package there is an inscription: Made in Corea, and inscriptions in gibberish.

Plastic pens pleasant to the touch. The multi-colored handles on the pens are also plastic, not rubber. It does not slip, it is comfortable to lie in your hand. The performance is quite decent, I would say, on top. No burrs and technological irregularities. The handle is strong enough. When cleaning does not bend, as they wrote some. The bristles are not hard, but not soft. Medium hardness. Cleaned like everyone else, the features in cleaning are not noticed.
one more photo

From the pros: price, looked for the sake of interest on prices on the Internet, was simply amazed at the greed of domestic baryg.
Of the minuses: problems with the track code.
I don’t dare to recommend, let everyone think for himself if they need bamboo accessories that are so fashionable now. He himself is satisfied with the purchase.
chief brush expert