Audiomonas thermostabilized quartz

These here are a golden shitty many alreadythey saw that they were intended, among other things, to replace the regular quartz in the budget DAC offered by the Chinese comrades. Somehow I bought myself one such, I liked his job, but I lost the box for him on the way, and so he namozolil eyes that I decided to beat jitter uncompromisingly and reach a new level of listening to lullabies.

The DSD1796 converters on the resource were reviewed and described, I will not repeat, especially since there is no longer any in that store on Ali where I took them.
Modified board looks like this

Initially, such quartz were soldered on it, the place for the TCXO installation is provided, the denominations are indicated on the scarf, it is impossible to make a mistake.

That's all, right? A metal "candy" with four conclusions, what to review, especially since I have already melted the candy?
A story about whether it makes sense to spendadditional $ 45 (my DAC requires three candies) for the purchase of audiophile details - and I will answer right away - there is no such meaning. The Chinese, of course, well done, and in every way try to encourage the buyer to extra-spending, and competently scratched about reduced jitter and reduced phase noise, awesome thermal stability, as a result, dull bass and crystal clear bells never leave your home.
So I tried and no, absolutely no,I did not find any changes in the sound. Generally speaking, this DAC provides for the connection of an external power supply unit + 5V. It works for me without it, the power supply is quite enough from the USB cable with which the DAC is connected to the laptop. I assumed that external power could change the situation, and at once, in order not to sin on the whistle of the stabilizer, I powered the device from a pair of batteries discharged to 2.5V LiFePo. It has not changed anything. The bass was matte, rough and meat, and remained. It is a pity, of course, because I have not received any bonuses for my money. On the other hand, you will still have to buy such gizmos, and more than once, so, therefore, I will not lead again.
What you want.
But, if someone decided - the seller is smart, the parts were in the box and in the pimple, the track was tracked.