Car amplifier KROAK WDK 705

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Let's look today at the Chinese car amplifier 4 channels of 60 watts.
I am not a supporter of a cool sound in a car, this is not the most suitable place for listening. Therefore, I have everything in my car.
But a friend likes that in the car "rocked". Amplifier, sub and all that.

This amplifier was ordered by a friend (for replacing a failed one), I placed an order (at a discount from the seller), received and listened after installation.
1. Model: V12 705
2. MAX Power: 4 ohm 120 W
3. RMS Power: 4 ohm 60 W
4. SOI: < 0.02%
5. Power (bridge connection): 200 W / 4 channels
6. Frequency range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
7. Working voltage: 12V
8. Acoustics resistance: 4 ohms
9. Maximum Chinese power: 3800 W
10. Dimensions: 32 * 26 * 4 cm
11. Material: aluminum alloy.
Delivery TC from a warehouse in Moscow for a couple of days.
A box of impressive sizes:

Box weight:


Two foam inserts at the edges prevent the amplifier from hanging inside the box.
In addition to the amplifier included:

Nothing: instruction, 4 screws and a spare fuse.

Appearance of the product:

It looks solid, aluminum housing, no plastic. Painted well. The inscription "3800 W" certainly reminds of Chinese corn watts, but this is apparently a tradition.
Adjustments are hidden behind the pad:

There is gain, Low Pass Filter (LPF) and High Pass Filter (HPF).
Maximum mounting height 6 cm:

Butt end with connectors:

Here we have the outputs of the signal on tulips and tone control for 2 or 4 channels and of course the crossover.
Butt end with output terminals:

As you can see, there is the possibility of a bridge to the acoustics.
Bottom with grooves for fasteners:

Why so many air vents that will be closed during installation, and even with an aluminum case - the question.
Bottom thickness:

Inside the amplifier:

Immediately striking transformer pulsevoltage converter. Increasing the supply voltage (from 12 V) and translating it into a bipolar one is a design feature of car amplifiers. Capacitors for power supply could be larger capacity, large capacity - the key to the absence of supply voltage dips.
Surprised a huge number of jumpers - the price paid for the single-layer board. In my amateurish opinion, everything is modest and budget, it does not pull hundreds of watts.
Stand through an insulating gasket to the body.
Seen operational amplifiers:
More photos of giblets

Installation in the car (sedan Lancer 2006)
Front speakers 6.5 "Kicx ICQ-5.2, the rear of the same roughly class.
Radio such:

It used to stand like this:

Place for installation - rear seat back:


Power supply terminals could do larger:

Connected directly from the battery, consumes a peak of 9 A.
The rest is fine:

Installed in place:

As they say: plays for your money. Well, here bucks at 50 and plays.
Vile high frequencies drill the brain. You need to play all equalizers to fix this. The bass control is very coarse, + 3 / + 6 dB would be enough.
And there is a tendency of drawdown of power when working on four channels (watts are inflated).
And once again I am convinced that getting a high-quality adult sound in a car is a difficult task, conditions are not the most suitable.
That I criticize everything (spoiled git home HI-FI) - shakes the same!
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!