Car alarm, autostart

I bought for 3266r. A little background. Acquired in 2015, the Nissan Almera classic, immediately a person warned that the alarm is buggy. When registering, she screamed mercilessly, so as not to scare the gallant traffic police officers, I turned off the unit. It was Starline B9, which is no longer available.

Almeria was right handed nissan liberty withauto start (chic minivan, just for me). Since 2015, I have opened and closed the car with a key. 2 times there was an attempt to order a simple CZ with a keychain for 400r-500r: 1 time nothing came - return; 2 times - they sent something wrong.

In October 2018, the signaling was ordered. A copy of the old Starline B9, sold under the proud name Ai car fun))) I chose a store where orders were, reviews were good and the price was low.
After the order, the immobilizer lineman immediately ordered 516r (a friend bought at the car market for 400r)

A yellow paper bag, 2 layers of pimples and a box are ordinary packaging.
photo of what is in the box from the Internet, he did not photograph.

Instructions in Russian. I downloaded the pdf instruction starline B9 - the position of the wires on the chips 1 to 1, a slight difference in the shades of the wires (perhaps the old ones just faded)

Next, a few photos of the block Starline, block Ai CarFun did not take a picture, because almost immediately installed (exactly the same, only the name is not Starline). Starline trinkets, Ai Car Fun trinkets with a complete case, wires from the Chinese signaling (I didn’t use them, I had all the Starline chips in place). The shock sensor was working, the antenna also went to the new unit.
Additional Information

About the installation. Comrade has an underground garage, it's warm there - I decided, and agreed. At such an event, there was another guy who, with a month since he set himself up auto-launch on Largus.
The first day.
Heat is a mistake. But once started ... He took off the trim under the steering wheel, then the plastic at the ignition. And this state of emergency happened at this lock, as it was taken for the first time, it turned out carelessly and a little sharply - it broke the wire of the immobilizer near the lock. Noticed later.
Photo from Ineta, broke this thin wire

Those who set the signaling did not connect the trailerhood, handbrake, they did not put the autostart-box mechanic or automatic did not choose a thermocouple on the engine is not set. First of all, we put the Chinese unit in the connectors - open = close, you can, knock yelling. By the way, the siren is not included - it has remained from the Starline. They hustled and sorted out for an hour and a half - the dog’s cold, the tooth on the tooth does not fall. The owner of the garage saved a thermos with tea for a while)))
It became clear that the autostart will not do, tk machineStarts with the clutch pedal depressed. I did not want to close, but there was no relay in the kit (there was a starline relay in the manual). We decide to collect everything and leave, and finish it another time. We are not going to start - here the torn wire has come up. They sat down in a cold car and the fun went on - I was unraveling, my friend reels up))) It gets cold, I fuss for 40 minutes, soldered. About a miracle - started up) Collected and left.
Second day.
Same garage. At the auto forums I’ve dug up how the Almere classic gets around pressing the clutch.
Health this man, very helped article

As soon as it was done, it went. The tail switch and the thermocouple on the engine decided not to put. All wires are connected as indicated in the Starline-Nissan Almera Classic connection map.
What is the result. This is not a super-duper Pandora, someone will say that she will not protect against thieves. I will say that they want to steal your car - they will steal. The signaling is working, I am very sorry that I did not buy it before. The car on the side of the house, from the 5th floor near the window, it starts without problems. Convenient, comfortable. A person from work also plans to order something similar from China, he has already looked after him (he was convinced of my working capacity and decided). The comrade with whom they installed, bought signalku in the well-known discounter - Tsenmaks most cheap 4400 + 400 trackman, here 3200 + 500 trackman. The block, as he said is very similar, the keychain is the same, most likely the insides are the same. I learned about the installation - 2000r from us, now I think I would pay and not freeze)
All good, good luck in the new year!