Wireless bluetooth headset Fozento FT7. Musical brother

Hello. Today I want to tell you about the not quite ordinary bluetooth headset from the Fozento store.
The unusual thing about this headset is that it has a special bezel, which is always on the shoulders, and this significantly unloads the weight of the headphones themselves. But about everything in order.

I'll start with the characteristics:
AEC noise reduction system to ensure high quality music
Music playback time is about 7 hours.
Support multi-point connection
Bluetooth Version: V4.2
Work distance: up to 10m
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Charging voltage: DC 5V

The headset comes to the buyer in the original box. I hope not in such a rumpled as mine:

Inside the box there is a headset, a wire for recharging, a pouch and a pouch in the pouch:

A cover for smartphones will be received by each customer. Information directly from the seller:

This case is suitable for smartphones up to 5.5 inches. And designed to be worn on the arm:

My smartphone with a screen of 5.7 inches, too, climbed. But it is very tight and clearly butt:

I already have a similar case. From experience I can say that the quality is average. But sometimes it helps a lot.
But back to the headset.
General form:

The bezel hides the battery and control board inside. On the one hand, the logo of the manufacturer is on the rim (although I am sure that this is another OEM and the same headsets come with other logos):

On the other hand, there are control buttons, and a charging connector:

The bezel itself is soft and flexible. Covered with silicone type material. Original Miband straps are made from similar material. And the material has the same minus. The dust sticks to it very well and can be seen.
On each side of the rim there is a wire on the headphones:

The headphones themselves are small in size. In the ears sit comfortably:

Headphone case material is plastic coated for soft touch. The plus of such a body is a small weight. But a minus is that all the dust, fingerprints and scratches are very well visible.
In terms of wearing comfort, the headphones are quite comfortable. They fit well in the ears, and since all the weight falls on the bezel, the headphones themselves do not delay anything:

For those who don’t really like the way the headphones look on me, here are the photos on a more beautiful female model:

As for the sound, I turned the headphones with a smartphone Nomu S50 running on a goal Android 8.1:

Any problems with the connection does not arise. Connects quickly. In the menu and in the status bar, the charge level is displayed:

In terms of direct sound, headphones arehard middling. Sound is transmitted over the A2DP protocol. For an inexperienced listener, this is quite enough. The sound itself is quite detailed, smooth. I did not notice a special bias in any direction. Top normal, the brain is not sawing. There is bass, but as always I am not enough, since I like more bass headphones. Averages are also in place. Headphones sound completely play for your money. I can’t say anything bad about them.
As for autonomy, then I personally havethere is a question. In theory, this form of headphones could accommodate a larger battery, larger capacity. But the manufacturer for some reason put the battery only 150mAh. As a result, at a volume of about 80%, the headphones stayed with me for almost 8 hours. The smartphone all this time was next to the headphones and did not move. I think if you listen to all the volume and constantly move, the work time will decrease slightly. But their stated 7:00 headphones play fair. For everyday use this work time is enough. But they could have done more.
For its price headset Fozento FT7 is quiteinteresting option. Comfortable fit, good sound, honest work time, declared protection from moisture, normal appearance. All this can be safely written in the advantages of this headset.
By cons it is difficult to say something. Just for the price they are ordinary headphones. No support for Apt-X? so kind of like the price is not the same. Do not like the shape? Well, do not buy. The headset will definitely find its consumer.
Moreover, the store now has a coupon that lowers the price of headphones to $ 18.13.

That's all. I wish you all only good sound and pleasant music.