I7 Single Wireless Headphone

Good afternoon (optional evening / night).
We'll be gutting headphones that are all hateful to everyone, or rather one earpiece. I think once and for all it will be possible to close the topic about these headsets. Gutting is present.
Finally reached a similar toy. I know 2 headsets in this form factor, two of them are called i7, and the second i10.

So, those two versions, called i7,turns out to be with different microcircuits. One is produced on JieLI chips, and the second as it turned out on a Beken chip. I saw a review about the first version, but there is no review about the second one.
Immediately I warn the price for one earpiece.
We'll figure out.
As usual, a warning:

All responsibility, namely independent penetration into the body of the finished product with the subsequent violation of its integrity of efficiency, lies with the person who committed this action.
Externally, no different from previous models. All the same thick case, all the same cable with a plug to the USB port (or an extended version with a box for charging).
Standard equipment:
Earphone, charging cable and documentation that tells how difficult it is to handle this unit.

What the seller promises and immediately analyze what is true and what is not:
Wireless Type: Bluetooth (Yes)
Title: i7s single (yes)
Sensitivity: 32dB (most likely yes)
Communications: Wireless (yes)
Active Noise Canceling: Yes (No)
Control buttons: No (no, there is one button)
Technology: Hybrid (no)
Wireless: Yes (yes)
APP Support: No (Yes)
With microphone: Yes (yes)
Resistance: 32Ω (yes)
Apt-X support: No (no)
Frequency range: 20-21000 Hz (I think so)
Water Resistant: Yes (no)
Talk / Music time: 3-6 hours (no)
Bluetooth distance: 10 meters (no)
Charging time: 1 Hours (even a little more)
Let's admire the photos of this device:

When charging, it is red, when working with blue. For those who like to listen to the Chinese woman screaming in her ear, there is such an option (it does not turn off).
The sound quality is suitable only for the voice, the music does not sound so decent and pleasant.
The lifetime of the order of 1.5 hours of active listening at maximum volume, why, I will show below.
Mates without problems, Honor 9.
Button operation:
1. Long hold - on / off.
2. Short call reception / end of the call.
3. In the player long hold - switch the track.
4. In the player short - pause.
In general, nothing special and interesting. Let's gut.
Understands the device is quite simple:
1. We hook on the decorative, brilliant piptic:

2. Then use your hands to slightly twist the place with the speaker and voila:

An unnamed battery was installed, its capacity was Imax b6 - 40mA.

3. Next, carefully remove the control board:

This case was built on BK3259SQ16A, I did not find the datasheet, but there is a suspicion that this is a remarked JieLi chip

Trash. I have it all. Was given to office extortionists 8)