Wireless thermometer for the pool. Untimely review of untimely goods

Summer, heat ... Remember how it was?

Also, I had a very beautiful idea aboutsharing this kit with the weather station. After all, it would be damn nice and convenient - to combine two "bases" and two external sensors into one system, when at each base you can see the air temperature outside and the water in the pool, simply by switching the channel. Unfortunately, this idea suffered a crushing failure - the bases do not see "not native" sensors. Probably they come in different standards.
But most of all he was upset that he rode everythingsummer. The order was made in May, and judging by the track lay with the seller MONTH without movement. after which it was canceled and the money received back. Ordered elsewhere. TWO MONTHS it was delivered by postal turtles to Belarus. Came a week ago. When already, as it were, and not necessary. So if someone suddenly decides to buy and buy - start with winter, yes. You look, just come to the summer.
I'll start with the photo "in the interior"

Supply. Box, manual. No batteries.


This model is equipped with a solar battery (sensor), which involves the use of batteries - if desired. When using batteries, you need to turn on the corresponding switch. Neither and vice versa. Without batteries, the device does not start, and given the "abundance" of the sun, it is also impossible to measure the charging current somehow. Although the solar battery and soldered. The dimensions of the "float" - 8 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height. Batteries - 2 * AA. The thermal sensor itself is at the bottom, filled with hot-melt adhesive, and the top of the weighting cap is pulled down. The float is sealed, for a week free swimming of water inside was not detected. There is an eye for tying to the side so as not to float away. Temperature - + -0.5 degrees from the "normal" thermometer. You can select the channel number, batteries / rechargeable batteries and Celsius / Fahrenheit.

The base works from 2 * AAA, clock (12/24), alarm clock,calendar, day of the week in English, temperature from an external sensor (3 channels), room temperature. There is no backlight. Celsius / Fahrenheit switch. Viewing angles are good. The temperatures at the nearby base and float coincide to a couple of tenths of a degree. Dimensions - 7.5x12cm, or so.
Management bodies:

The intestines of this device:

Summing up: I cannot be objective in this case, because I have been waiting for this crap all summer, and it came by September. Well, plus the sensor is not compatible with the weather station, which, of course, no one promised, but still. In general, the thing is fun, although I think the price is too high. But I decided to try it now, in the hope that it will be used not only with the pool. I tried. Broke off, generally speaking. I would know that everything will be so in one place - I would not take it, perhaps.
Bought for their own. On the purchase is not that I regret, but not very happy.