Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sport Headphones True WS-I9

Today we will talk about wireless Bluetooth 5.0 sports headphones True WS-I9. Anyone who is interested, welcome under the cat!
I decided to try the second in my collection separate wireless headphones in the middle price category, which I liked more than the previous ones. But first things first.

They arrived in 2.5 weeks by mail of Russia.
They are packed in a cardboard box. On the front side of the photo headphones and the model name.
On the back of the package are the specifications of this accessory.
The stated specifications:
1. Provide a stable connection using Bluetooth 5.0.
2. Adaptive Noise Reduction (Pure ANC).
3 Headphones automatically turn on and connect to the smartphone when removed from the case; automatically turn off and charge when returned to the case. Also, headphones can be used to answer / reject a call, skip / play / pause songs and activate a voice assistant, for example Siri.
4. Smart cover: automatic switch on when removed from the cover; automatic shutdown when returning back to the case for charging.
Part Number: TWS-i9
Headphone size: 2.5 2.5 * 2 cm
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Transmission Distance: 10m
Headphone Capacity: 50 mAh (each side)
Charging Capacity: 500 mAh
Talk time: 72 hours
Music time: 72 hours
Inside the box on the showcase magnetic compact box.
- box;
-case box with built-in battery;
- a pair of headphones;
- An extra pair of ear cushions;
- USB wire;
- user's manual.

Additional ear cushions were packed in a white cardboard box.
They are identical in size with those that are worn directly on the headphones initially.
The USB cable is of short length, however, as in all the various headsets I have come across.
Manual in English and Chinese with schematic images.
Boxing metal, fairly compact.
There is a silicone loop on top for easy opening, since Built-in magnet prevents unwanted self-opening.
Also next to the loop is a USB connector for charging the built-in battery in the box.
On the front side there is a slot-window for monitoring the charge indicator.
The following photo shows the maximum opening of the box and, respectively, the headphones themselves.

Inside the box are built-in contacts for charging each headset individually.
Each ear also has pins for charging.
On the outside of the headphones there is a left / right designation.
And next to the hole-indicator, which also has a microphone.
The ear cushions are tightly dressed, their size is universal.
Each earphone is protected from dirt by a mesh.
When headphones are installed in the box, charging starts automatically, with an incomplete charge, the red indicator light is on, which can be seen in the slot-window.
When fully charged - blue indicator.
Also, the red indicator light comes on when the charging box is connected.
The right earpiece is leading. Pairing with a smartphone is easy, but with each ear separately.
As with all wireless headphones I know, the right one can be used separately as a headset for safe driving in a car.
And of course, fitting.
It remains to draw conclusions. Accessory I liked. The first of the advantages that you do not need to buy a separate headset in the car, and use them. When running ear pads do not jump out. The audibility of the interlocutor is good. If we talk about the sound, then these headphones have exceeded my expectations. Unlike the previous ones, the sound is much cleaner and brighter, pleasant bass to the ear, good transmission of all frequencies, very loud at maximum sound. Honestly, I have not discharged them completely. The ears were discharged once, charging took 1.5 hours.
Minus, like all wireless - the loss of the right headphone brings with it the uselessness of the remaining set.
I recommend to buy this accessory as a gift.
Thank you all for watching! Holiday greetings!!! Have a nice shopping!