Wireless headphones Aermoo B1

Hello! Today there will be a small review on Aermoo B 1 wireless headphones. So I, having a collection of various headphones, wanted to try wireless wires that were not connected to each other. All interested, welcome under the cat!
Since the appearance of this accessory, watchedon him with caution: but how convenient, and not lost if ??? Well, how should you sit tightly so as not to take off when running or hustle in public transport ??? In general, there were many questions, now there is an opportunity to get answers to them.

To begin with, the delivery costs $ 2.78, but it came in two weeks. They were packed very well, so nothing and nowhere was crumpled. The box is quite presentable.
Opened by pushing only down.
On the back side is the address of the distributor of goods in the Russian Federation.
Well, here, in fact, the message kit:
1 package
1 * USB wire
1 * user manual
2 * pairs of spare ear cushions (S, L)
1 * charging case
The package includes various size ear cushions. You can choose the size for convenience. Ordinary ear cushions do not fit these headphones, because they are specific.
In a regular cardboard box, there is a USB / USB-micro cable, but of very small length, which is not very convenient.
Manual in English with a schematic representation of the detailed connection of headphones.
The stated specifications:
- working time: about 3 hours;
- standby time: 50 hours;
- Bluetooth version: V4.2;
- charging time of headphones in the case: about 1-2 hours;
- charging case with USB;
- Profile: HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP.
There are wireless headphones in a case with a built-in battery for recharging headphones.

The case itself is small and fits easily in the palm of your hand.
Behind is the USB-micro input for its immediate recharging.

When charging is activated, the red indicator light comes on.
Inside the case are built-in contacts for charging each headset individually.
Each headphone has its own charging contacts.
They are inserted easily into the case, after which charging begins. The case is also convenient because it serves as an accessory storage.
When the battery is fully charged, headphones can becharge about four times from 0 to full. So when using headphones about 1.5 hours a day, without recharging the case, listening can be stretched for a week.
Each headphone has a built-in two-LED indicator, and the external plane itself functions as a button.
Control on the headset:
- button holding: on / off;
- press once: Play / Stop and accept / reject a call;
- double click: switch tracks.
The volume switches only from the smartphone.
Each of them is protected from dirt with a fine mesh.
Ear pads sit very tight in their place.
The right earpiece is leading. Left connects to it. With a smartphone, pairing must be installed with each headset separately.
Each headphone also has a microphone.
You can use one right earpiece as a headset for safe driving in a car, which is a definite plus.
And of course, the conclusions. The accessory is quite interesting. If you choose the size of the ear cushions, then in the ears the headphones are tight, do not jump out when running. A definite plus that can be used as a headset in the car. The interlocutor hears me perfectly. As for the sound, for ordinary users fit perfectly: the sound is loud, smooth, clear, the bass is moderate. If a person is a music fan, then it is worth noting that there are no such functions as APTX, etc., but nevertheless the sound is still not bad. The main disadvantage: if you manage to lose the right earpiece or case, then everything else will be a useless load.
Evaluating in the price / quality ratio, the headphones are quite decent. You can order as a gift. You can buy on official store website.
All warmth and good shopping!
Thank you for watching!