Mpow Wireless Headphones T6

Today we will get acquainted with the novelty in an extensive range of wireless headphones.
T6 from Mpow. I have H5 full-size headphones from this company and they really make me happy, now let's take a look at their small counterpart.
Headphones (again, this is a technical headset, since there is a microphone) such a form factor has become quite popular.

No constantly tangling wire and usea special docking station that allows you not only to keep your headphones neat, but also forget about the problem with charging; These benefits have brought such Bluetooth headphones to a whole new level of convenience.
There are a lot of reviews on QCY on mysku:
H5 headphones
H5 headphones
H5 headphones
and so forth
Mpow T6 alternative to them.
Let's start. Delivery by Singapore Post with the track and quite quickly.
As a gift, they put wrapping paper for gifts, apparently the holiday spirit:

The box is simple and inconspicuous:

Inside foam insert:

What is trying to entice potential buyers manufacturer:

Model: Mpow T6 TWS
Bluetooth range: 15 m
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Protocols: HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Water protection: IPX7 (temporary immersion to a depth of 1 m is allowed)
Battery life: 3.5 hours
Total running time: 21 h
Microphone: built-in CVC8.0
Resistance: 16 Ohm
Sensitivity: 108 dB
Apt-x support: no
For better sound, MPOW has model T5 with Aptx support. There and playback time more than the surveyed (6 hours), but the price is $ 52.63.

The instruction is so-so. Charging cable for docking station 20 cm.
There are also three sizes of tips (S / M / L):

Let's look at the headphones closer:

Plastic smooth, nice. Small L and R are embossed on the body. Anatomical shape that would be placed in the ear. Touch "button" is equipped with three color display. Two microphones - one for noise reduction.
The emitter is closed with a metal grid:

The case is tightly assembled, there are no slots, the contacts for charging are magnetic - so you can believe in the stated water protection.
The chip inside is not bad AB 1526PThe battery capacity does not indicate, but approximately 60 mAh.
Now take a look at the docking station:

Dimensions: 7x4x3, 2 cm. Headphones in niches are held by magnets. The lid of the "casket", as it were, with a door closer, closes securely.
In addition to the usual charging of the headphones inside the box, there is a function of the bank.
True current output sickly - suitable only for low-current devices:

Headphones charge 2 hours:

They play 3-4 hours depending on the volume and source of Bluetooth.
It is a pity there is no charge remaining indicator in the docking station. A fully charged docking station can charge headphones 5 times.
Mass devices:

So sit in the ear:

and I must say sit firmly, with active actions do not "crawl out" of the ear.
Separately, I want to note the ease of connecting headphones to any source.
I have a clone of the EIPL TWS headphones, there the pairing with the device is flour. In the reviews, QCY also read about dancing with a tambourine when connecting headphones.
Immediately everything is automatic and without problems!
Communication super - take all over the apartment. There is no connection breakage, even in another room through the wall and if you close your ears with your hands.
Connection to computer and smartphone:

You can connect and mono 1 piece.
Touch control:

Left main when calling. Press once: pause works on both, answer the call, end the call. Double tap to reset the call. Sound when calling in two ears.
In the player (both on the computer and in vk) long press on the right - the next track, on the left - the previous track. Double tap - Ok, Google.
You can not adjust the volume.
Voice notifications on the status of headphones go to the left ear in English.
The quality of sound, these headphones are no different from the usual low-cost in-ear headphones with a dynamic emitter. The sound is well balanced throughout the frequency range without highlighting the bottom.
I listened to several jazz albums, drove test recordings - there are no obvious shoals. But there is a volume margin.
It is quite possible to listen to music from contact, to entertain yourself in transport, since sound insulation from headphones is good.
Built-in microphone has pretty goodsensitivity in order to properly use headphones as a headset. There is a loud noise clipping system CVC 8.0 Noise reduction. With audibility in general, there are no problems.
Docking station disassembly:

Main board:

Multi-foot chip without designation.
Built-in battery:

Capacity is not bad for this size.
Eventually: I really liked the headphones and I wanted to keep them for myself. But my brother saw them, listened to them with an iPhone and said: “But you will give them to me?”. With an iPhone, by the way, they play better than with a simple smart on an android.
On the product page there is a coupon -US $ 2.00 for an order of US $ 30.00
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!