Whizzer Wireless Headphones | Whizzer AM1E

Whizzer has recently introduced a new product.- wireless headphones AM1E. They promise a long-playing battery, good sound quality, high-quality assembly. They ask for such a pleasure a very decent amount, $ 50.
Installed one dynamic emitter insidearc is a 160 milliamp battery. Also, judging by the description on the box, a Bluetooth 5.0 "AB1522S" chip is installed inside. The choice of the manufacturer offers as many as 6 color options for headphones.


The microphone is present, that is, you can answer calls and communicate.
Characteristics of the headphones themselves:
Emitter one, diameter: 10 mm (dynamic)
Frequency range: 20-40khz
Sensitivity: 108dB / mW
Resistance: 22 ohm
It looks like a box. It is quite large and dense (cardboard is very hard), as a result, all the contents are safe and sound.

On the back are all the technical specifications. Very important note, the manufacturer made a mistake and indicated support for aPtx. Unfortunately they do not support aPTX.

Approaching the characteristics, if someone wants to learn more: (if you can not see clearly - click on the photo).

Accordingly, you can choose the protocol SBC / AAC. If you believe the manufacturer, inside is installed emitter like the Whizzer A15.
Further under the hood, we are met by wireless headphones with a headset, they are located on a rigid insert (at first I thought that it was soft, made of foam rubber) but no, it was very hard.

Under the insert all the accessories, a box with nozzles and cable, as well as documentation.

The whole kit looks like this:

Micro USB Charging Cable, (50 centimeters cable length)

As far as I know, in some models of wireless headphones from FiiO, the Type C connector is already used to the full, in this case good old micro USB.

Warranty card:


Ear pads (two sets). Here is a double set of respect, we get ear cushions with a hole of different diameters.
This is what a large bore nozzle looks like (first type of attachments)

The second type of nozzles is a small hole:

A noticeable effect on the sound ear cushions do not have, I mean for the worse do not have. You can use them, change them for others - I don’t see much sense.
I am primarily interested in stuffing, what's inside? And let's see:
Battery: 160mAh:


Wow, what I see, and I see the declared chip AB1522S (Airoha Technology Corp.)

Something like this:

Overall plan:

What we have: a block with a battery and a board (the so-called arc), made of plastic and covered with a rubber-like material. On each side we have one earphone respectively.
The length of the wire is 23 centimeters (from the control unit to the earphone). The arc length is 40 centimeters.
The output cable is protected, there is a small dense insert. Here is a metal, golden insert next to it.

Left Whizzer application:

The left side (left channel) is marked with the letter L on the inside, but there is a small description next to it.

If you bring a photo closer, you can see the cable braid, it is fluted:

On the right side there is also a drawing and certificates:

Here is the connector for recharging (covered with a cap):

The + buttons are responsible for adjusting the volume and switching tracks, the power button (a play-pause), the indicator and the microphone:

When playing, the indicator lights up in blue: (blinking)

Port micro usb:

The cable is very high quality, I liked it.

The arc of course bends, but does not remember the position.

For wearing, just throw it over the neck and insert the headset into your ears, oh, how, who would have thought :) :)

A reasonable question arises, is it comfortable to wear the whole thing under a jacket? I answer, yes, it is convenient (I am surprised myself). It took me just a couple of minutes to get used to, I did not feel any discomfort.

Advertising photo from the manufacturer:

In general, the control unit is assembled very high quality.
-buttons are very pleasant to press and grope blindly (addiction is required, confused the button for the first time - and the power button), on the move to minus 20 did not immediately figure it out and constantly confused.
-management standard: function button: on / off (play / pause). + buttons - adjust the volume if you press and then immediately release. If you hold - switch the song (next / previous). Pairing: here, when you first turn on, the indicator automatically flashes, but in the future, you just need to hold the power button longer, and then the headphones will switch to this mode (pairing). To answer the call you need to hold the power button for about 2 seconds.
-sound in Chinese (when turning off / on, when deleting / breaking the pairing, and when the battery level is low)
Cases are made of metal. Weight 4 grams and a half:

Metal cable outlet (metal leg):

On the back is the company logo:

Compensation hole near the sound guide, protective mesh - fabric.

Unfortunately, I cannot measure the diameter of the sound guide, but later I will add information to the review.

Below is another expansion hole:

The cases are also perfectly assembled (I will put a minus only for the remains of glue, which I had to remove myself), here is AM1E next to the cases KZ ZSN and Meze 11 Neo, in order to understand the sizes:

Landing in the ears is comfortable, although they stick out a bit. Noise isolation in my case is average.

In the cold (checked at -17), the hull is of course cold, but you can use it, I lasted as long as half an hour :)
Also the cases are magnetized, which is very convenient:

The battery lasted me for 12 hours (source: player Shanling M0), the volume is slightly above average, the tracks in Lossless.
Charge current 0.11A:

When it is charging, the indicator changes color to red:

Charging time 2 hours 30 minutes.
Connection: claimed support for Android and iOS.
Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3 Note Pro:

Shanling M0 player:

There were no problems with the connection, the player saw the headset and connected:

I conducted the main tests together with the player, but decided to check how this case works on the Android operating system. And it works quite normally, stable.

With player: On the street, the player was in a backpack, and here I was displeased. Approximately every 2-3 minutes the sound disappeared for a split second. That's when I moved the player to my pocket, the connection improved. But how would I go in a buttoned jacket, apparently this is the reason for the bad signal, because the chip itself is located under the jacket. I checked again, but already in the room, the reception is excellent, the connection is stable. The stated maximum distance is up to 10 meters. He left the player in the room, closed the door and went through a long corridor to the kitchen (about 10-11 meters), there is sound. In general, in terms of range, I liked these headphones more than FiiO FB1 (CSR8645), they obviously lose in similar conditions (the signal is constantly interrupted).
By sound. Headphones will appeal to the bassheads, there are a lot of bass and the main focus is on the lower woofers. The feed is V-shaped, low frequencies stand out and high frequencies slightly stand out. When compared to wired Ostry KC06A, BQEYZ KB100, of course, these sound simpler, especially at mid frequencies, which are noticeably smoothed. Well, what you wanted, in my opinion everything is obvious and predictable. But compared to FiiO FB1, AM1E I liked a lot more, I felt a slight increase at mid and high frequencies. In general, this sound is very comfortable, perfect sound for background listening.
Summing up, I'm not a wireless specialist.Headphones, I will express only my opinion. I liked them more than FiiO FB1. I will note the metal cases, which are assembled very well, as well, in general, the build quality (I am now talking about the entire structure) pleased me, I don’t need to get to the bottom. I note a good battery and simple / clear control. Well, to buy or not everyone decides for himself, I will refrain from recommendations. All the same, $ 50, the amount is very decent.
Thank you for attention.