Spin-free spinning reel

And so, we continue the fishing theme.
After a long search I came across this optionIt suits me the most, but unfortunately, the seller only indicated the KK3000 model for sale. After talking with the seller a little, he said that he could send me the model of the class I needed, namely KK2000, without any problems.

Twenty days after sending the ordered coil by the Chinese comrades, it was successfully received by us.
The manufacturer claims the presence of 9 bearings (maybe this is true), but the course is really smooth.
Convenient mechanism makes it easy to fold the handlefor transportation. The spool and the handle itself are made of aluminum alloy, as well as the reinforcement of the laying machine with an aluminum clip. Good build, no backlash. The low speed of the spool allows you to make high-quality winding braided cord.
The manufacturer claims a weight of 290 grams
With backing and braided cord, the weight was 331 grams, it's not quite bad for a budget coil.
Few live photos:

+ there is a small vidosI apologize for the quality:
Comes with a soft case for storage, schemeassembly (useful when you need to lubricate the mechanism of the coil), other waste paper in their native Chinese. It is a pity that it comes without an additional spool, but the spool from my old coil (the coil itself served a couple of seasons) without any problems approached the new one. Well, after testing it in business I will add my comments later.