Binocular BUSHNELL 60X90 for the hunter and fisherman.

Got a hefty binocular with a fixed approximation. Month of operation - I share my impressions. On the pictures from the seller there was no red coating on the lenses, but on the received it is.
The “ruby” cover is hidden, apparently due tothe appearance of heaps of reviews, where they say about this coverage in a negative way. I did not see, no matter how I looked, deterioration or some difference with the binoculars BPC-5, in which there is no such lens coating!

Diameter of a lens: 60 mm
Interpupillary distance: 57-72 mm
Diopter adjustment range: -4 ... + 6 dpt
Weight: 1020 g (1.52 kg in another store)
Overall dimensions: 220x210x85mm

The quality of the device itself is impressive.
Build 10 out of 10. Nothing backlash, all covered with matte rubber. Judging by the weight inside the metal (aluminum according to the description of the seller) and a prism of glass.
Package weight 1.7 kg!
RC159115377HK - delivered 15 days after the track number was given.
The binocular itself is declared as 800g (from the seller), but it seems to me that it weighs more - I have no scales yet.
In the delivery set as described in the seller’s lot were:
- 4 rubber, sufficiently high quality protective lens pads
- carrying bag, simple, but quite usable. Without any protection, inserts. but with a strap around the neck.
- the binoculars themselves
- a box of average elegance.

There is a very similar option is 3300r
Adjusting the binoculars under your diopter, with the help of a central wheel, with a smooth ride and a pleasantly ribbed surface, and an eyepiece of one (right) eye.
This is a common system - by combining these two “twists,” you can optimally adjust the sharpness.
First, the left eye is the central wheel, then the right eye is adjusted with the right eyepiece.
The increase is difficult to calculate with these devices, it seemed to me equal to 10-12 times. This is not much, but with a larger magnification it is very difficult to keep the binoculars still - you need a tripod or support.
The quality of the optics here is certainly not luxury, there is some blurring around the edges of the review.
Aperture and clarity do not reach the levelbranded binoculars Canon or Pentax ... but quite sufficient and consistent (and rather even overtakes the price). The precision ratio of the axes of the two eyes, which is very important in binoculars, is fine here. Nothing doubles and the eyes do not get tired in a couple of minutes. Although, half an hour without interruption, of course it is worth looking at it. It is better to keep your eyes, you will need them for many years =).
Car number can be seen from a distance of 700-800m. Who has a vision unit. sure to see and a mile away.
Compared with binoculars allegedly Russian Baygysh BPTs-5
Also ordered from China - the quality of the optics is close. The magnification is completely identical. With much smaller dimensions and weight of Russian. But the Russian fell off right when unpacking the eyepieces - I had to glue. The quality of the coating (plastic) is like on a Chinese toy - it also looks like a penny by touch. Prices are the same.
The photo tried to convey its size, conveniencegrip. and in the end. Upon request, I posted an attempt to take a photo through the eyepiece, for comparison. Sharpness could not do normal for in a hurry and on weight. But I think that's enough to estimate the degree of approximation.
Many more photos:

Do not pay attention to sharpness, the camera is clearly not designed for such a mockery, and even without a tripod on the ground, cloudy weather. Eye sharpness normal!
Kota do not have, for this - sister: