Beauty Accessory Jewelry

Liked the suspension, sold under various names from "Eye of Providence" to "Tears of Benedict."
After some searching, the item was found in stock. Beauty accessory.
The seller confirmed the availability of the goods, the purchase was paid ...
and a month later came a cardboard box with bags wrapped in a pimply film.

It is difficult to say whether it is genuine Benedict tears or fake Chinese masters, but the suspension looks no worse than the seller’s picture.
Since the minimum order from the seller was $ 10. Two pairs of cute earrings were urgently found.
Earrings have a soft blue tint and the Chinese tell us that this is a moon river, and they are worn by an English princess.

But we know only craters on the moon, where are the rivers from there (especially English princesses).
Third purchase, classic earrings. Earrings shine like counterparts in offline stores, having a price of several hundred times less.
In the description, the seller wrote that the stones on the earrings of gold, do not need to believe it.
The seller is quite adequate, I had with himgreat correspondence about classic earrings. I had to wait a bit while he (as he wrote) was producing gold earrings. As you can see from the photos, everything came in perfect order.
I recommend to buy, everything is super.