Low cost bluetooth Raxfly M5 headset with AptX and cunning magnets. Or how to wake up the ability to work with aptX WiFi / bluetooth adapters Intel 7265/3165/7260/3160/8260/8265

Hello! In this review, we consider a budget bluetooth headset from the company Raxfly. It is highlighted by the support of AptX, and there is also one interesting moment of their work in cooperation with their own magnets, with which both headphones (left and right) are connected to each other. Also for those lucky ones who also own Windows devices with an Intel wireless adapter, I’ll tell you how to teach the adapter to work with AptX. Instructions suitable for models of adapters 7265/3165/7260/3160/8260/8265. Go!

A headset arrives in a postal bag, inside of which a tight case immediately lies.
The cover is stylized "under the carbon", black, red zipper and red Raxfly inscription

In the case there is a pocket from the grid, in which we put additional nozzles and cable

Included are good rubber earbuds and special hooks for installing headphones inside the ear.

There is an instruction in English

Headphones are made in two colors: Bright green and black
The wire between them is quite long and flat.

The headphone casing is made in a strange shape, although the sound guides themselves go into the ears with an anatomical bend. I like this type of in-ear headphones most of all.

There are volume buttons on the right ear.

Also on the verge of a magnet niche is a microphone

Also on the right ear on the front side there is an insert in the form of a droplet.
This is the on / off button.

And under the plug microUSB for charging

The wire at the entrance to the headphone is reinforced

The sound guards are covered with metal mesh.

Under the rubber hook there is a compensating hole. Or just a hole ...)))

Left ear, so as not to feel deprived endowed with an inscription with the name of the manufacturer

And also there is a ledge with a magnet.

Magnets are weak, headphones stick together, but risk falling off with a little effort

And the wire is supplied with a tightening clip.

When you turn on the headphones, they try to synchronize with the sound source and blink red and green LED

There is a small volume reserve, almost bassNo, the scene is quite detailed, the upper and middle frequencies are not offended, the feed is balanced without accents in the direction of any frequencies. Immediately I will say music loyalty when listening to these headphones you will not get. Classic budget bluetooth headphones, which together with the aptix source will give a good right sound. No more. Adjusting the equalizer is difficult.
There are slight loss of sound when away from the sound source. I did not notice the same when I had a phone in my pocket.
At a volume of 80% lost about 5.5-6 hours. Charged for 1.5 hours.
Now about the magnets. And the whole secret is that the headset “falls asleep” when the headphones are connected by magnets, and when we separate them they wake up and switch to the connection mode, and if they are already connected, they are immediately connected to the source.
Of course, let's check the declared AptX
Defined as Raxfly M5

The adapter immediately reports that the ears can in the aptix

There is a corresponding tick in the special tab.

Here's an example for headphones, which in AptX do not know how, there is no such tab at all

Here's how they look in the ears
the landing is not particularly assiduous, you need to carefully select the nozzles
Additional Information

Now I’ll tell you how I revived AptX support in my adapter.
—For a start, we look at what kind of adapter we have.

As you can see I have 3165
Drivers should already be installed, that is, BT works for you
—Now we need to download drivers from the official Dell site
Here are the drivers for Intel 7265/3165/7260/3160 Bluetooth adapters
But for Intel 8260/8265 Bluetooth
Here is the download button
- Next, you need to change the extension of the downloaded .exe file to .zip
—From the received archive, we extract only one file “Intel Bluetooth Audio.msi” and install it.
-Everything. When connecting headphones with support for AptX, we will see the corresponding message in the lower right window.

Enjoy a little more detailed sound)))
Thank you all for your attention, I hope this article was useful for you.