Budget backpack

Good day. Under the cut appearance, functionality, quality, operating experience, a small upgrade, macro photo.
The backpack was bought mainly for fishing, less often for walks and, if necessary, for farming, for everyday life.
Chosen / bought by reviews / price, before the hysteria 11.11 for $ 16.20.

The parcel.

Black colour.
Weight: 0.68 kg
Volume of 20-35 liters.
Materials: nylon, polyester (lining)
Size: 33 x 52 x 21 (cm)

On examination, it is clear that the seams are smooth. Threads do not stick out.
Pocket on the wall of the front compartment, with a zipper.

Front, open compartment.

Sideways gum with lock - declared by the manufacturer, as for a trekking stick.

Main compartment with zipper.

It has a pocket from a thin partition. Sidewalls are more dense, but single-layer. The bottom is still double-layered.

On the top there is a small pocket, 13x14 cm.

A pen
Straps - 7 cm

There are adjustable waist belt and chest band.
The chest fastener is made of yellow and orange plastic. And are reflective elements. There is a whistle on the trident. Working.

On the back, breathable, soft lining.

The back is semi-rigid.

Snakes and accessories work properly. Fittings without marriage, but thin.

On the sides there are screeds and mesh pockets. Bottom two straps.

In operation.

And with a raincoat.

Next to Miltec's brother for hard loads. Until complete comfort and harmony, there are still two backpacks.

Last time I use a subject almost every day.
I wear a windbreaker. Strap missing. No complaints.
From useful.
Almost immediately cut colorful fasteks.

Without it looks more fun.

We sewed an internal introvert pocket.

He was sewn to the inner partition.

So that the snake is available only when turning the pocket.

It fits well with a smartphone.

And not very, some bills.

And also, under the situation, I took a flat key ring and turned it off with pliers of the edge. For fixing the zipper sliders. Of course, you can, as usual, twine the laces of the slider, but it seems to me more reliable.

For the sake of interest, I tried to shove a 17 inch laptop and even with a laptop bag. Full

One of the biggest loads is 6-7 kg of beer.


Findings. Backpack budget (material), but the execution is neat. Not a bad option for operation without weights and dragging on stones, something like fishing, short walks, pokatushek, etc. I will not take serious hikes, but it is suitable for auxiliary and domestic purposes. More objectively evaluate with time.