Budget DVR Navivox DRY-FH92WG c FHD, GPS (chip AIT 8427)

Review of an inexpensive DVR for cars with FHD 1920 * 1080, GPS, shock sensor, etc.
Viewing angle 150 °, 2.5 "display, classic layout.
AIT 8427 processor, not the worst option.
Got on the review here is such a beast - Navivox Car DVR Camera Recorder for Dash Cam 2.5 "Full HD 1080P Video with AIT 8427 Chip 1920 * 1080 Resolution G-Sensor

Brand Name: Navivox
Model: DRY-FH92WG
Item Type: Car DVR
Interface: Micro SD / TF, AV-Out, SD / MMC
Special Features: Real Time Surveillance, G-sensor, SD / MMC Card, Cycle Recording, Time & Date Display
Battery Life: 32G 1080P about 240 Minutues
Video Format: AVI
Screen Ratio: 16: 9
Camera Resolution: 1920 × 1080
GPS logger: InternalMax
External Memory: 64G
Frames Per Second: 30
Imaging Sensor: 1/3 Color Cmos
OSD Language: English, Chinese (Simplified)
Video Code: H.264
View angle: 150 ° -160 °
Pixels: 500Mega
Chipset Manufacturer: AIT 8427 Chip
Display Size: 2.5 "
Photos from the product page.

"Features" in the form of icons (from the description)

The sizes are average, a little more than 8 cm by 5 cm, flat (2 cm without lenses).

Can be connected to an external device via HDMI

on the right there is a block of control buttons, on the right side - a memory card (slot), a power input (miniUSB), a “hot” record button REC

The kit is not rich, there is a power source in the cigarette lighter, without a splitter, the cord is about 3 m, and is mounted on scotch tape.

Packaging is not branded, normal. All in their places.

Appearance quite decent.

The layout is a classic flat recorder, plus in a short mount, it can be put under the mirror.

On the reverse side is a fairly large display, also a plus.

There is information about the model DRY-FH92WG, the main functions

The power supply with a Mini USB, but at least the length is sufficient for the installation is not in the tension.

The bracket is compact, this is a plus.

Mount on the tape to the glass

Mounted Bracket

Came discharged and did not want to turn on without power

I had to recharge.
The interface is simple, only two languages ​​- Chinese and English, but not the essence.

To install the recorder, you need to choose a place on the windshield and fix the bracket on the adhesive tape.
Then loosen the bracket nut and fasten.recorder by selecting the view angle. It should cover the lane in front of you, very desirable - the right shoulder and the left lane of an oncoming lane. Must be visible (at least a little) hood.
Tighten the nut.
Under the skin we lay the power cable, connect it.
We install a memory card (on the off region).
If you filed the ignition - the regiment turns on itself, you can turn on the recording manually as well.
It is advisable to configure the registrar in terms of date / time, etc.
I say right away - GPS is interesting, but sometimes harmful (displaying speeding). Writes data in the lower right corner.
But tune the shock sensor, my flash drive quickly clogged with small files on small values.
Photos in the car set by the registrar

I have already said that a big plus in a short mount is at a speed of less vibration, and you can install it under the very “ceiling”. A good option is for the mirror.
We give the ignition - turns on and writes. There is an indication of power, recording.

Files writes regularly, settings for the duration of the files are not so much.
File examples and file properties:
MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920 × 1080 29.93fps 13614kbps
[V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1920 × 1080, 13614 kb / s]
Audio: MP3 32000Hz stereo 128kbps [A: mp3, 32000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb / s]

For the sake of interest, I saved several frames from the video and tried to increase the numbers.
The numbers can be seen without any problems at all during the day, and the cars have 2-3 corps ahead.

I will note - it can be seen on the oncoming lane, which is a big plus.

At dusk by the light of headlights can be seen the number of the nearest car.

If the rooms are clean - it can be seen at speed. At high speed, 30 frames is not enough - the image begins to blur.

Click on the photo, they increase to the original size - then you can assess the quality, the photos are not pinch.
In the lower right corner - the date and GPS coordinates.
Sample video, first twilight, then the video that shot during the day.
Conclusions on the video - pretty good shoots, not soap. In the twilight shoots not very well, especially at speed, but here the most important thing is that he sees the car nearby.
In principle, the biggest plus is shooting with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, which I strongly lacked in the old Chinese region (there was interpolation).
Video review from the product page

In general, enough quite good regis with FHD. The numbers can be seen - and this is important. If you look for cheaper - will lather. Offline like this is more expensive, branded - so 2-3 times.
Take it or not, decide for yourself.
Shop: Navivox Official Store - A lot of avtogadzhetov.
original video file
update: in the review a model with GPS (92nd), the seller is still in the store the old 72th, without GPS. on Monday I will update the link.