Fast assembly 3-person tent KingCamp KT3037

For three years now I have been using Chinesetent size 2 x 2 x 1.3 m. During this time, she managed to wear out a bit, and I decided to order her a replacement. Since I rarely use the tent and only in the summer, it was decided not to philosophize for a long time and take a similar one, only from a more or less serious manufacturer, who was chosen by KingCamp. About what came out of it, I want to tell in this review.

Characteristics of the tent (from the description of the seller): Capacity: 3-4 people.
Design type: Fast automatic opening
Number of rooms: 1
Number of layers: 1
Seasons: Three Seasons
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 130 cm
Fabric: 190T polyester, PA waterproof rated: 300mm
Bottom: 150D Oxford, PU waterproof: 1000 mm
Frame: FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic)
Weight: 1.6 kg
Cover material: bottom - 150D oxford, top - 190T polyester.
The package came in the form of such an impressive wheel, the top layer of which was a pimple wrapped in yellow tape:

Inside was the tent itself in a case, additionally wrapped in polyethylene.

Directly the case itself was a sort of "pancake" with a diameter of 68 cm, made from two halves.

The outer part is made of material according to the color of the tent corresponding to the top, and the lower part - to the bottom.

Here is attached strap for carrying. With its help, the folded tent is quite convenient to carry, thrown on his back.

Here on the cover there is an overprint with the characteristics of the tent:

Tent Label:

The weight of the tent with a cover and other components is almost 1.8 kg.

Made for comparison photos of old and new tents in the covers. As for me, the old one is packed more compactly.

The cover closes with a zipper at about half its circumference. This is done so that he holds the folded tent rings when removing and folding.

So, the tent is removed from the cover, and is ready for installation.

The installation itself is very simple. To do this, you only need to disconnect the rings of the frame and deploy a tent.

Now it remains only to fix it on the ground. For this, there is a bag with 8 metal pegs and 4 ropes.

Since the testing was done on a sandy beach, I used only four pegs for installation.
Whatever the ventilation grid on top does not sag, it should be tied with a rope to the intersecting arcs of the frame.

To protect against rain, a tent measuring 60 x 60 cm made of waterproof material is attached to the hooks above the net.

That's all. Tent assembled.

Canopy tents with an extra mosquito net. The dimensions of the canopy are 110 cm in width and 70 cm in height.

The “lightning” of the canopy from wind and rain is protected by a strip of fabric sewn around in a circle.

Lightning canopy and mosquito nets have two dogs each, which greatly simplifies their opening and closing.

Inside view:

On the opposite side of the entrance is a window, also with a mosquito net.

Lightning is one, and the mosquito net is not removed.

A hook for a lantern is provided in the ceiling of the tent.

To the right and to the left there are two pockets, measuring 20 x 16 cm.

The quality of the firmware as a whole is excellent, but there are also minor flaws. In addition not to overload the review, which already contains a lot of photos, hid examples under the spoiler.
Examples of stitches

Water resistance test
Cloth tents

To create pressure, a plastic bottle filled with water was used. The water in the upturned 0.5-liter bottle holds the cloth (1), in 1.5 liter (2) it no longer exists.
Fabric bottom and top awning

Both the bottom (1) and tent (2) of the tent hold water in an inverted 1.5 liter bottle.
As a result, the stated difference in the water resistance of the main fabric of the tent and the bottom correspond to the truth.
For comparison, I set up an old tent. The dimensions of both tents are about the same. The material of the old tent is significantly different - it is more subtle and “glassy”, that is less breathable. The assembly principle is also different - instead of rigid hoops, the frame is assembled end to end from small tubes connected by an elastic band. Well, besides that, the old tent has no window and pockets, but the canopy and the net closes with a single zipper.

Disassembling a new handkerchief is faster becauseno need to lay the arc on the components. It is enough just to connect them into rings and roll them up with eight. For the convenience of understanding the process of disassembling, a leaf with a memo is sewn into the tent

The only thing that in my opinion is better in the old tent is that it is more convenient for transportation.
The price of a tent from KingCamp came out cheaper than if I ordered it locally, but not drastically. For example, on the "Rosette" it costs about $ 60, i.e. the difference was about $ 7.
P.S. I went to check the current price, it turned out that the tent is now in pre-order at 11.11 for $ 39.70, which looks much more interesting.