Decorative straps with rhinestones

It all started with the fact that my other half began to get me about the decorative strapless.
Having read her blog, she first dragged me to all sorts of shops in search of these strapless, then made her decision - find me on the Internet.
Climbing the Chinese sites, I realized that I didn’t understand women's jewelry at all. Therefore, I decided to address a forum with a similar question, where I was advised to search for words and a website.

After giving the link to my wife, I said - choose. The choice was long and painful. After half a day I was given two links. The price tag of the goods is not very big, so to save peace of mind, my second half was decided to buy.
The parcel waited a long time, more than 40 days, for our mail is a record. So when I brought the parcel home, my wife’s screech was about the same as in an advertisement for sapato shoes.
Oddly enough, the package was packed on the conscience.

I was tortured to tear off the yellow tape from the cardboard box. Inside lay 10 pairs of strapless, each pair in individual packaging.

If you look closely, the strap is a black base with standard hooks and sewn multi-colored stones (what they are made of, I do not know).

I would rate the workmanship by 4. I didn’t like the quality of the stones themselves. They have a mirror substrate and in some places are not completely mirror (if you do not look closely, you can not see).
That's how they look put on a man.