Car Phone Holder HOCO CA38

Vacation continues, there is nothing to do, and all sorts of nonsense comes to Ali. This time I’ll talk about the phone holder for a torpedo car with an induction sensor.
Last time on youtube “top” clownsbloggers, instead of some game, began to actively advertise a holder for a phone with automatic capture of the device as it approaches it at a price of ± 3-4 tr. (adblock cuts the usual advertisement, but this one is built in and not cut out, you have to listen). It became interesting, but not so much to spend 4 pieces, so an analog from the widely known “brand” HOCO, model CA38 (part of the photo will be just from the seller’s page) was bought for Ali (1312 p.). Purchased 28.10, received in MSK 13.11.

So, what we have:
In a tight box with a sliding inner tray ina plastic bathtub: microusb cable with a length of 1 meter (cable is cheap, dubeet is at minus temperature), 2 types of fastening (suction cup and clamp), waste paper, the holder itself. There is even a QR code on the box to check the originality of the product, I will not check it, of course, (there is a photo of it below).

The holder itself is made with high quality, the plastic casting without burrs, initially goes charged (there is no indication of the amount of electricity left inside).
TTX (with Ali):

The principle of operation is simple and almost does not fail: We turn on the device with the button, it spreads the legs, we put the phone on it and the sensor on the center of the surface of the fit pulls the legs. To release the device, you need to hold your finger to the center of the top edge of the holder.

Unlike analogs available on the market,This holder has 2 legs below to support the device, that is, the chance to fall out of the holder is slightly reduced. The stand itself with a rubber edging, on the legs, too, gum.
In operation in urban environments (onlyAsphalt and many dead policemen speed bumps) my Xiaomi mi max 3 held tight, did not try to fall out (used the clothespin on the ventilation grille, due to the design features of the car - heavily beveled windshield, it is inconvenient to use the suction cup). Clothespin - a monster, you can, if necessary, squeeze a torn artery, the hinge also held the load and maintained its position. Nut this hinge can be loosen-tighten.
I don’t know how the holder will behave off-road (I try not to go off the asphalt, I don’t have to go outside the Moscow Ring Road), but I wouldn’t have checked it, nevertheless a regular spring in a classical holder would be more reliable.
pictures of the car

For 3 days in the car (stood in the courtyard withoutmovement) in Moscow weather sat almost to zero, barely moving his paws and not fully pushing them apart (hesitated, perhaps), but as soon as he got food he came to life immediately.
As it seems to me, larger phones are notthere is (the old classic holder with the paws on the springs didn’t stretch like that, which was one of the reasons for the purchase), the holder’s paws still had a margin of about 5mm. . Any Galaxy S will be in it as relatives, as it is already easier.
Conclusion - you can take, their 1300r this devaysinaworth it. The main advantage is the ability to take / put the phone with one hand while driving the car, without being distracted from the road, so that you can calmly write messages on the go with both hands (I have seen so many people do).