Cheap Haoshideng memory card, is everything as bad as expected?

$ 4.20 = 300.52 rub. - $ 4.10 = 275.25 rub in a mobile application (it was taken for $ 4.10)
After writing discounts for Mixza got a bunchcomments, including Mixza, for a cheaper memory card of an unknown brand of Haoshideng with a capacity of 32GB and a price of 273.25 Russian rubles at that time.

I will try to briefly describe what I got in the end.
1 package
Seemingly fake fake, before packaging, even the previously reviewed Mixza does not hold out

Back view

As we see, in the description there are errors, instead of voltage, written vlltage
There is a similarity to the packaging of a basement printing house with the seller’s stated on the seller’s page, but it’s not completely clear, since the seller’s page only shows the front, there is no view from the inside

The original packaging was printed using color printing, which came to me b / w.
EAGET memory card, as well as MIXZA, and many other memory cards, are sealed in a package so that without breaking the packaging, you will not get a memory card.

In this case, it is not, the memory card can be obtained simply by opening the plastic protective cap.

I came across this kind of packaging when I acquired a fake Kingston

2) Memory Card
The very memory card with good printing

3) The declared parameters:
From the description in the store seller

4) Tests
All tests were performed on a computer running Windows 7 x64 in a USB 3.0 port on the motherboard using an Orico card reader

Popular Crystal Disk Mark 5 test

Crystal Disk Mark 5 tests with different parameters

ATTO Disk Benchmark Test

Test in Anvil`s Storage Utilities

Test Roadkil`s Disk Speed

TxBENCH test

Test in USB Flash Benchmark

SSD-Z Test

Check for volume compliance in H2testw

5) Conclusions:
The card in terms of speed parameters is quite at the level of other Chinese manufacturers. 62Mb / s for reading and 24Mb / s for writing, which is pretty good, for the amount I paid 275rub.
At the same time, speed characteristics are better than those previously reviewed by Mixza.
It remains to see how the card will be tenacious. I will put it in RetroPie, let the child test it for survivability.
P.S. Card purchased for their money