Cheap bluetooth headphones from china.

Hi, I don’t have much to write about, I decided to write about the headphones that suddenly came to me with a request to tell about them, they are inexpensive and may be of interest to the unassuming music lover
Resistance: 22Ω
Wireless Network Type: Bluetooth
Memory Card Support: No
Sensitivity: 120 ± 3 dB

With microphone: Yes
Cable length: 0.6 m
Frequency range: 20-24000 Hz
Packed in a regular yellow box, with the characteristics on the reverse side.

The headphones were in a blister along with some kind of piece of paper in Chinese, and a USB cable.

Appearance Externally look like ordinary bluetooth headphones sold ... everywhere. At the ends there are hooks for the ears, they sit firmly, but they press a little, perhaps they will disperse, according to convenience 3, but the fact that they do not fall +.

Made of not the best quality plastic, they will not hold together, and as a whole they are made firmly, at least in appearance and touch. The ear cushions are medium in size, with no spare.

On flat 60ti centimeter cable is available"Remote" with control buttons ,. on / off, answer a call, switch tracks, and change the sound level. Problems in the work was not. It also has a small battery, if you believe the description at 70 mAh, it lasts for 3-4 hours of playing music at the sound level of 70%, a friend to whom they were given took them 2 times to practice for 2 hours, and to charge how much I will not say, but about 1.5-2 hours from a laptop.

Sound Usually headphones are the main criteria,which is well described, but here ... the sound is just there. The volume level is good, you can listen comfortably at 70% volume. The rest is the level of cheap headphones, the miracle did not happen, but I can praise the low, the bass does not sound bad.
There were no problems in the conversation, of course there is no steep noise, but the interlocutor is heard, and he is you.
OpinionAudiophile is not, but even rareI try to play sports in my Hifiman, that is, there are no sound requirements. I gave these to a friend who, to put it mildly, is not a music lover, there is a sound, cheap, so the headphones are good, he runs into them, and in principle I am happy, I can advise these people to these people, for $ 2 they are more than worth it, they can be paid for You can listen to them if you do not spoil yourself with good models, they are wireless, but the sound in them is of course bad for me.