Cheap FULL HD recorder with GPS, on Ambarella processor

So far this is one of the best registrars that has caught me.
A single word about the seller

I will say right away - this registrar was bought to order, but for 2 days I have access.

Mount (not express)
Cigarette lighter power
Chinese plug with USB (the legs of the plug are very short - they won't be able to insert into the euro-socket ... just won't get it)
USB Cord - Mini USB
HDMI cord
Cord for connecting to an external screen / TV
CD with software (did not even install, because I use Registrator viewer)
Instruction (includes well translated Russian)


Governing bodies

The microphone is great. You can hear the words from the songs on the video
Glass lens. Along the edges, as you can see, it gives curvature, but it is really 120 degrees. The screen does not completely display what you photograph.

Firmware version 2.0.4G2KB. The menu is blue

G-Sensor with adjustable sensitivity
Diodes - infrared, you can configure the switch on automatically
An interesting feature: the recorder does not set a 1/2/3/5 minutes loop recording, but the file size is 128/256/512 / without limitation
The memory card used its own - 32Gb / 10 class.
Samples of video uploaded with GPS data (if anyone is interested)
/ yes, I know, the time and date is not set correctly /
Night shooting

Daytime shooting

The video is written without jerks, there is no delay between the fragments.
What upsets is the focus. Sometimes in the evening, the focus is on the glass. I do not want to try to manually rotate the eyepiece, because the recorder is not mine.
Small tips
1) When fastening the recorder to the holder, it is better to leave the nut on the right, otherwise the power will be problematic to attach.

2) If the recorder loses power, try to slightly unscrew / tighten the washer at the end of the cigarette lighter adapter (or replace it).
In spite of some drawbacks, I will repeat - for the time when the registrar was with me, I liked it