Daytime running lights with 8 LEDs from China for $ 5.33

Since the adoption of the law onusing DRL (daytime running lights) did not dare to buy them. But by the new year I decided to make a present for myself and my Swallow. And after anxious waiting, I received it in the mail. For details, I ask under the cat.
I'll start by saying that this is my first review, butI hope the “first pancake” will not come off even though the right hand is in a cast. So ... I have been surfing Ali for a long time in search of a fundamentally inexpensive variant of DRL. Inexpensive, because I wanted a little experiment chtoli. As a result, I found the option indicated by reference, but, unfortunately, this seller is not currently available. Identical to him on Ali is full in the same boxes. But I settled on this seller with 96.5% Positive feedback.

Communication with the seller:
Adding a product to the cart marked “strong packagepliz ”I got distracted and eventually went to bed. In the morning I found out that the seller had promised to pack well and asked if I would pay for the lot. I immediately paid and unsubscribed to the seller, for which I received thanks and assurances that I would be given a track number immediately after sending the parcel. On that bowed. As a result, almost a day later, the seller has already sent the parcel. So what seller a plus sign.
Here is the package journey:

Having received the long-awaited "package", I began to print it.
Packaging, as promised "was really strong:

On the box, on the one hand, there is a diagram of the inclusion and characteristics, or rather the absence of ticks for the modification inside:

Since there are 2 modifications to work fromnetwork 9-16B and 18-36V, then having a 12-volt power supply, we establish that in my case the option "9-16". The power to determine if desired, too, is not difficult - by connecting the ammeter to the gap. But in view of the temporary inoperability of one hand - it's hard for me to do this. If someone really needs it, I'll figure out how to measure it)))
On the other - overall dimensions:

The box is not crumpled. We reveal:

All in their places and in the "pimple":

Packed neatly. Wires are carefully wound and crammed between the DRL case and the design of their mounting. As you can see, apart from the DRLs themselves, there is nothing - neither bolts / screws for attaching them to the car bumper, nor a relyushka, through which it would be necessary to connect ...
About wires:
they are thin, red and black. Classical: Red - "+", black - "-". True on the box itself in the wiring diagram are white and black))) But these are trifles - plus and minus are still signed there.
We unwind the wires to inspect the house:

Since there is something to connect to check the performance we have in low light (for effect):

when turned off:

From a distance of approximately 4.5m in total darkness:

In the dark in the photo it seems that the light is bluish. In fact, it is white. In daylight, I forgot to take a fascination with an experiment in the dark ...
I almost forgot…
Cases are made of plastic. The back is just black. There are a couple of small burrs and a small scratch, but it's not scary because when they are installed in place of their service, I believe they will most likely be hit by the same screwdriver. The frontal part is naturally transparent. Inside - reflective coating. The mount is made of metal, though not very thick and, as a result, it can be bent. But you can only bend while holding it in your hands separately from the body. In the assembled state, the construction is more rigid.
In view of the plastered right working handin the near future it will not be possible to install lights on cars (((so I ask you not to scold too much. But I think that they will work for their $ 5! As they say, they can’t teach, they don’t want to, we make! ”
here is the proof

- price
- bright
- carefully collected
- the wires are normal, but I would like a thicker one, even though the currents and small ones will be there ...
- lack of car fastening screws to the bumper
- a pair of barely visible burrs.
Thank you all for your attention!