Add GPS navigation to your Windows / Android device.

Hello. It is strange that there has not yet been a review of such gizmos. I stumbled on a subject by chance when I was looking for a GPS module to replace a car that was out of order. It turns out the owners of "Kalin" with the first multimedia have long been aware of such devices, because the GPS "out of the box" was missing in them, as were the car mats in the luxury car. In short - the device is successfully detected by a computer / radio / tablet, the satellite "catches".

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Description from the seller's page (in English)

Unpacking and appearance.
Yellow packet

Bright blister

Behind some characteristics

The model U-blox7 is indicated on the front of the device.

Well, the same is duplicated from behind, only on the sticker

Under the cap is a standard USB connector

First I went to the car, launched Navitel and saw the same thing as before

I plugged the module into the USB OTG connector, the indicator blinked green, and the Navitel saw the satellites after the restart.

Satellite finder

Left the garage - one satellite more. Slipped another one periodically, but that does not count.

Great, I didn't have to disassemble the radio tape recorder - it will still work. In addition, USB multimedia remained free.
Go home, insert it into the system unit and see that there is a device with a serial interface

Fumbled on the Internet, found the free program "Autosputnik". The module picked up automatically

Satellites can be seen, but the signal is rather weak. The indicator on the device is not activated.

There is also a tablet on Win 10. The same equipment is determined without problems, even showed the full name

I threw it on the windowsill and went to pour the seagull. Returned - position determined, 8 satellites picked up

He went out onto the balcony, became one more and the signal level doubled on average.

The indicator blinks all the time, indicating that something is happening.

Android device (radio) found 14 satellites, managed to connect to 11.
Windows device (tablet) found 12 satellites, managed to connect to 9.
I had to tinker - the latches are quite tenacious. GPS antenna on one side

On the other, from the interesting, found the GPS chip U-BLOX G7020-CT
Multi-GNSS chip supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS

Interesting thing, it is quite a work and easywill replace the failed GPS module, well, or add navigation functionality where it was forgotten to “report”. Regarding the classification of satellites found it is difficult to say something, because I am not an expert in this field. If you know how you can get more detailed data - share in the comments, I will carry out the necessary manipulations.
Constructive criticism is also welcome. All good =)