Two USB USB-C to USB-C cords from the manufacturer Hoco. Good cords with normal quality.

Hello. Today I want to make a small quick review on 2 USB strings USB-C to USB-C.
I took them on sale to connect my Xiaomi Mi5 to the Xiaomi CDQ06ZM charging station.
The review will be a small test with a demonstration. A brief conclusion: the cords are normal, you can buy.

I'll start with the characteristics:
1. Length: 1m,
2. Weight: 18g
3. External coating: TPE
4.Wire: copper stranded wire.

On one of the sales, I took two wires at once. One is white, the second is black.
Got them together in one package. Cord boxes differ slightly in shape, but not in printing:

Inside the cords. White and black.

The quality of the cords most resemble the original laces from apple. Similar materials, similar form. True black lace seemed softer to me. Perhaps it is not.
Each plug has a Hoco logo.

The length of both cords almost meter:

In general, the cords are made well. But one thing is appearance, and another is tests. Therefore, I do a quick test.
The power source this time I will have a Xiaomi CDQ06ZM charger:

It has a Type-C port and QC3.0 support. Therefore, it is quite suitable for tests.
As a display meter, as always, Power-Z KM001 is used, and electronic load RD DC3.7-13V 0.15-3.00A.
Test measurement of the maximum (in fact, not the maximum, but the load can no longer) capabilities of the charger:
1A, voltage 5.02V:

I twist the load to the maximum, 3A and 4.88V:

Many of the wires that come across to me simply cannot let through so much. And here it is clear that the cable is good and the cross section is normal.
Also, QC2.0 / QC3.0 / Samsung AFC and so on protocols work quietly through this cable:

12.15В / 1.6А pass quietly through this cable:

Black cable is similar to white:

Also checked the data transfer when you connect the phone to the USB 3.1 port. Everything works without problems, files are copied read.
I can say that you can definitely buy a cable. Good quality. Declared specifications are supported. Your money is definitely worth it. In general, it is quite normal USB-hose.
By the way, if you order, do not forget to get a $ -1 coupon for an order from $ 1 straight on the page with wires: