Another pair of terminals for connectors of ancient Opel and Renault. Mini review

Once again I repeat that I am an auto electrician and diagnostician. And the cars that come to me chot do not get much younger
And from time to time you have to change the rotten terminals in the connectors. And they, damn it, are all different, and never once interchangeable.
Lot number one - terminals for Renault, mostly. However, such there are on Fiat, just today I saw it on a multiplayer. For connectors such as:


Terminals themselves

The terminals are exactly the same as in the connector overview forregulators of revolutions of Opel / Fiat / Renault / Peugeot, etc., so how it is crimped - look there. I don’t have any original ones, there’s nothing to compare with, but believe me - it’s just like a native one. The only nuance is the crimper. Here the wire should be crimped very narrowly horizontally, my crimper compresses widely, it is necessary to press the sides with pliers.
Lot number two - similar terminals for slightly other connectors. However, on Opel for regulators of turns precisely such were applied.
A particularly striking idiotic feature of both thesetypes of terminals is the fact that they are inserted into the connector wire forward. That is, you need to pass the wire through the connector, crimp the terminal on it, and then push it back. And do not try to argue that this can not be - this is obvious in the form of fixers.
These terminals are intended for such connectors.that's the type. Data specifically connectors - this is the throttle position sensor. Similar terminals go to the speed controller (the connector is different there), it seems the engine temperature sensor, perhaps to a single injection nozzle, etc.



I forgot to add a ruler, I apologize, but the dimensions are about the same as the previous ones, there plus minus not even millimeters, rather they differ in form.
Comparison with the original

Well, in the connector

Summing up. Expensive. But I already took from this seller and was quite pleased with the quality. And you can take say a hundred - and it will only be a little more expensive and more profitable. But it is already quite rarely needed, so I limited myself to fifty each and did not bother searching. In general, the terminals are excellent, not magnetised, well crimped and so on. I recommend to buy. If, of course, you have such a machine, or they come to you for repair, and you don’t disdain to repair them
the goods are happily bought for their own from despair, contrary to claim 18