Free Shipping SVR-6282 Blue series 2in1 multipatterns toy tents with tunnel tube / Children's tent + tunnel

Good day, Dear!
Recently I received a long-awaited package with a housefor babies. During the purchase I was worried that the house would be very small, and the tunnel would be too narrow and the son of 3 years would not fit. When the package arrived and the house was unpacked, all fears disappeared ...

I must say that I recommend to buy! Details under the cut.
Tent and tunnel in the case (next to the box in which they came)

Tent "front"

Tent "back"

Small with a little tent. Growth Malusika about 95 cm.

The seam in the corner of the floor

There is one controversial point that I can not carrynot to pluses not to minuses: if a child crawls on a wall, then the wall becomes a floor and the tent turns over. In theory, this can be avoided by attaching the tent to the floor, I have not reached my hands yet and there are doubts whether the fixings will stand (will there be a bottom at the seams).
- Enough for two children
- The quality of the seams (in my opinion not professional)
- Price
- Happiness Malusikov
Did not find (maybe yet)
I recommend to buy!