Milling Pencil Sharpener

This is exactly what is needed, if you just need to sharpen pencils, and not spoil them. Expensive, high quality, convenient, durable.
The product for the Japanese market (some immediately write - Japanese), made in China, milling sharpener with battery / mains power.

I must say, I had all those sharpeners that- the essence of the five-edged blade on the shaft of the motor, they do not work long and only sharpen round pencils - they quickly break, shag wood, break the leads.

I have this gadget for a long time - three years, so there is no packaging - a transparent plastic box, there is such a power supply in it (pay attention to the voltage) and another USB cable

The sharpener has a switch - sharper

And it sharpens everything — hexagonal, triangular, without a difference, the pencil doesn’t tear it out of the hands, the result is very neat

That's what she crawls through a pencil -

this we took a ditch for sawdust

The cuvette allows you to pour out the garbage gently, I specifically shook it a little on the table to show the kind of chips

My BP is not used, powered by 4 AAbatteries - but they must be of high quality, the current consumption is high, and these LADDA - the very thing - low internal resistance, low self-discharge, cheap, capacity is unimportant - these are all three years old, never charged again.

But if you want - then a complete cord to help, the sharpener works from 5 V standard.