Rapoo H8000 headset

Actually headset. It looks exactly the same as on the seller's page. Came for 14 days to Peter, I was surprised. I asked the seller to pack better - I barely tore off all the scotch and pimpy. Yes, the proprietary box was wrapped with a pimple in 3 layers, wrapped with adhesive tape, and it all lay in a cardboard box, also wrapped with adhesive tape. In short, the mail could not break the headset)))

Actually about the subject.
Connected without problems, seven set upThe driver itself, defined in the devices as Rapoo Wireless Audio. Although I am not a special music lover, the sound surprised me a little. I will not tell you about the frequencies, but the music plays in much the same way as in my SONY BT-50.
The arc inside is metal, from the inside there is a soft pillow.
On ergonomics. Sit on me fine. For their size is normal.
How many live from the batteries do not know how it will beinfa - accomplish your goal. I'll put it on charge for the night and record how much will be discharged. Although most likely you will have to do it several times, to shake the battery.
By speed. In counter play with her - the sound of a shot does not tupit, on the same SONY BT-50 there is a very small delay.
Have questions - ask.
Overall, a great headset for the computer.
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