Headset TWS-i8X - you can live.

Hello everybody. Today there will be a small review of the next tws headphones, this time the i8X model. Honestly, after a heap of reviews of similar headphones I expected a complete slag, but, as it turned out, not everything is so bad in the Danish kingdom.
Headphones came in a standard paper yellowbag, without any additional protection, but nevertheless, the box itself remained whole and not crumpled. Since Chinese manufacturers are trying to follow the path of apple airpods, they do everything in white.

On the front of the box are depicted themselvesHeadphones in the box and the name of the model. The technical characteristics of the device are written on the bottom, only the name and compatibility with Android and iOS are written on the side.

Inside there is a box with headphones on a plastic cradle.

Below it, the rest of the bundle is a charging cable and a little instruction in Chinese and English.

I will give the technical characteristics of the device:
Fastening method: Inserts
Title: i8x tws
With microphone: yes
Wireless: Yes
Wireless Network Type: Bluetooth 4.2
Control buttons: yes
Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
Support Apt-X: No
Battery: 50mAh
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Work time: about 2 hours
Operating current: 18mA
Let's go to the inspection. The case itself is made of smooth glossy plastic, the quality is quite good, there is no smell, but there are small traces of flash. Case snaps tight, spontaneous loss of headphones is excluded. At the bottom there is a hole for charging via microUSB cable. There is a button on the back, I have not yet understood its purpose.

Open the cover of the case and in the special grooves are both headphones. If you turn over, the headphones do not fall out, as shown by disassembly, there are magnets inside, which keep the headphones in the case.

We get the headphones and look at them closer. Made qualitatively from the same white plastic, without oboi and agnails, in principle, everything is visible on the photo.

The sound guards are covered with a mesh. On the back there is a button to turn on / off the device. Under it are the microphone holes. At the bottom, at the end of the foot, there are contacts for charging the headphones batteries when they are inserted into the case.

In the case there is a charging indicator, more precisely 2. One charging light blinks red when the battery is charging, it simply lights red when charging is finished. Although it would be more logical if it was a thud. There is also a charging indicator for each headset, it lights up red when charging, when it is blue, and after 30 seconds it goes out. At the start of charging, it takes around 350mA, then the charging current drops to 180mA. On the white tester, until the current drops to 0.08 mA, 154 mAh is flooded.

A bit of disassembly, good for this you only need to twist the head at the location of the radiator. The truth was completely unable to pull out, something held, did not want to break, but I saw the battery.

By connecting nothing new, the left earpieceleading, right driven. We turn on the bluetooth on the phone, turn on the left earpiece, it blinks alternately red and blue, after connecting the display on the earphone goes out. Right after switching on automatically connects itself. With the connection to the computer, too, no problems.

I decided to test the work with benefits)since I didn’t manage to sit and listen to music without a break for 2 hours, I decided to watch a movie, it’s easier to track time there. The headphone battery sustained 1h55m18s of the film “Indiana Jones. In search of the lost ark.1981.HDRip-AVC”, the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fate.1984.HDRip-AVC” went into action. There was no total lag of sound, but sometimes there were gaps, the sound lagged behind for half a second, then leveled. Here, after 15 minutes of viewing, the left earphone began to be wired up, cured by reconnecting it. Finally, the battery died after 44 minutes of the second movie. Total cumulative headset time was 2 hours and 39 minutes. In this, the manufacturer did not lie, it turned out more than 2 hours. When the battery is lowered, a voice notification of this occurs, after which seconds after 30 the voice says power off and the device turns off.
Now, actually the main thing, for which they are boughtheadphones, a little about the sound). This headset was used in training to listen to music and to watch movies, during battery testing. Let's just say, as in the title, you can live. No sensation of plastic sound. The high frequencies are slightly overestimated, the middle is normal, there is almost no bass. Plus, the form itself does not allow the earpiece to be tightly inserted into the ears, so the bottom sags. Stereo effect is present. Music lovers certainly will not appreciate these headphones, but they work out their money, this is of course my personal subjective opinion. In any case, after reviews of the previous model, I expected a much worse sound quality. They can take to the gym and it will not be a pity to lose. By the way, about losing, a couple of days ago, a friend of mine lost one of the original headphones in the gym, I was climbing under the treadmills for half an hour, looking for her, but fortunately I found it.
Doesn’t work as a telephone headsetIn particular, the location of the microphone is to blame for everything, the other person hears you, but the voice is hammered by extraneous noises. Therefore, either they will shout or ask you two times, but this is how I understood the misfortune of all such cheap headsets.
Thank you all for reading.