Gas torch Hiking camp fire flame starter flame gun lighter

Large gas burner. Purchased by AliExpress to kill ants at their summer cottage located in a pine forest. They sent it very quickly, only 22 days (usually from!, 5 to No. months). The first attempt to install the burner on the gas cylinder led to the cutting off of the plastic burner retainer against the sharp edge of the cylinder. restoring the lock did not take much time, under the arm were two small screwdrivers, which were used to fasten the cut lock into place. In addition, the metal screw was not allowed to cut it again. It seems that everything fell into place - the burner started working, everything was fine. Upon arrival at the cottage, I decided to continue the test. Raised the nearest brick under which there was a small anthill. At first everything was wonderful “the enemy” was burning right before our eyes. I was happy for exactly 3 minutes, after that the torch body “floated” and it gradually went out. All my attempts to revive this miracle did not lead to success. I can assume that the operation mode of this burner is re-short-term - 1 min. work, 10 min. break until cool.