Gerber Scout and Compact Scout

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Good evening!
I offer a review of two folding knives for all well-known brand GERBER:
Compact Scout and Scout.
Scout's last review was a little thin. I'll try to fix it.
Who cares to go
Since this is my first review, then I ask u. MySku's public is not kicked.

And if you beat it: “hit hard but neatly„ ©
Attenzione many pics: About
Having read reviews about knives, I decided to order myself a couple myself, this is what came of it.
Ordered from two different sellers. Knowing before. experience that the Italian watchful customs is the most foolish in the world and you can expect anything from it (all goods worth over 50 euros should be taxed at 40% + 12 euros.) And since customs themselves estimate the value of goods, so I decided not to take a chance and ordered from two different sellers.
I have to say that both knives can be found at 0.40-0.50 cents cheaper.
I chose two Compact Scout and Scout folding knives. Registered on Ali, I made an order:
Compact Scout:
I asked both sellers to wrap little knives in foil to avoid unnecessary checks, but only one of them did it, for which he received the maximum feedback on Ali.
Both sellers issued a track number, although ordered without it.
Parcels went 25 days + -1-2 days.
Open the package:

Hmm ... well, what can I say about this knife.
In the hand lies well, the handle is made of rubberized plastic. There is a very small-small gap of the blade, but is eliminated by tightening the bolts (hexagons?).
Sereyter not used, but the bladethe sharp-hair on the arm shaves, the paper cuts well. For a comfortable carrying on the knife there is a tight clip-it will be very difficult to lose the knife (although nothing is impossible)
Those who are looking for an inexpensive folding knife for hiking, fishing and nature, this will suit 100%.
Compact Scout:
This knife came in a familiar box with instructions on how to kindle a fire, find out the time, etc.
Additional Information

When opening the envelope (came in an envelope withpimples) I honestly was perplexed or as the Americans say “WTF ???”. I expected to see a little more than a little knife, and in my hands I held something incomprehensible. Alas, in the photos he looked bigger ... A little upset, he began to look at him farther.
The handle is made of the same plastic as thethe older brother only has a different color, though instead of hexagons there are rivets. In case of anything, this knife can be disassembled only once :)))) There is a seyutor.
Immediately I found a backlash of the blade in 1mm (by eye).
Well, I think, let me try to use a knife on the edge. As a great “expert”, he moved his thumb a little along the edge, then took the paper. The paper cuts a little better than the “big brother” - this is a fact.
After 5 seconds I look at the hands of blood ... From where is the question immediately?
I look at the finger (yes, yes, by checking whether the knife was sharp or not: P) and I see one small and a couple of small cuts.
The culprit was found immediately Compact Scout (I thought to myself: “it’s good that I only checked it with my finger)
Some joint photos:
Additional Information

Scout - will be my faithful friend on the hunt and fishing. A good knife, I advise you to buy. I liked everything. But every day in a pocket of jeans such a knife is not convenient to wear. Fact.
Put 9 points out of 10.
Сompact Scout - registered in jeans. Very comfortable as it turned out (although I didn’t like it at the beginning). Very sharp and miniature. I’ll put 7 points out of 10 (-luft, rivets)
If you like the review, do not pass by and put a "+".
If not, then pass by. Respect the work and time spent writing this review.
I don’t have Kote over this. I hope you don’t bet any minuses
If you need to correct or add something, please write. I will also be happy to answer any questions regarding this product.
With respect.
Py.Sy.If I find the time I will do the same review PowerBall (original)