Hybrid headphones BQEYZ KC2 (2BA + 2DD)

Another hybrid headset: BQEYZ KC2 (2BA + 2DD). This time I decided to make a quick review. All the same scheme: 2 dynamic drivers + 2 reinforcement. Headphones straight very worthily assembled, to the cable and to the buildings here without a complaint, who are looking for quality assembled hybrids - here they are.

Sold headphones in 4 versions. With and without a microphone, two colors are available to choose from.
About the discount. Make an order, choose for example qiwi, bring to payment, but do not immediately pay! Write to the seller about the discount up to $ 30, and wait for the decline, and then pay later.
Black option:


braided cable: 125 centimeters (removable, 2pin connector)
there is a version without a microphone or with a microphone (you need to pay $ 2)
resistance: 15 ohm
Headphone sensitivity: 105db / mW
frequency range: 7-40000 Hz
metal cases in two colors to choose from (black / silver)
4 emitters in each earpiece (2 dynamic and 2 double reinforcement)
1 speaker has a diameter of 10 mm and is responsible for low frequencies, the second has a diameter of 6 mm
Supplied in a small cardboard box. The box was a little wrinkled along the way:

There is a sticker on the side that shows a specific delivery option, in my case it is “Black + Mic”. On the reverse side we find
characteristics and contact information:

Here, on the box and on the kit, they clearly decided to save money; the kit includes a velcro and two pairs of nozzles of different sizes:

Headphones themselves, the general plan:

The assembly is just super, the 2pin connection is reliable, the impression is that the cable does not change at all and there are no connectors :)
Braided wire showed himself perfectly, heguaranteed not to remember the form and not confused. It is slightly tougher than the popular models TRN V80 and KZ ZS10. There is no microphone effect, it does not cling to clothes.

His plug is comfortable, g-shaped, with protection against fracture:

Aluminum divider with BQEYZ coating.

Just above the slider to adjust the height, is adjusted only to the headset unit:

The one-button remote is on the left, the remote is metal and is installed in many other headphones (I have already met more than once). Button plastic with a nice click.

The microphone is not bad, the interlocutors did not complain about the quality of voice transmission. The control unit hangs just below the chin, at a distance of 10 centimeters.
Connection with enclosures: 2pin (0.78mm). The plug comes in very tightly, after which it seems that this is not a replaceable wire, but rather a solid construction.

The abalone is formed, without the possibility of adjusting to itself, that is, without a rod:

Hull structure:

The cases here are rather brutal and weighty (developed by BQEYZ themselves), assembled from two metal halves.

Metal did not regret, the case is reliable and high quality. Gaps and other stocks did not notice. 2pin connector:

The diameter of the sound guide: 6 millimeters, which is interesting, it is not stepped, but flat.
Zvukovod closed metal / shower mesh.

Near the sound guide there is a compensation hole, a little further there are two more, perhaps decorative.

From the back: channel marking, as well as a double overhang. Look good. The coating is good, the paint does not peel.

Compare cases with other popular models: TRN V80, Shozy Hibiki:

Landing. That's honest - not the most pleasant headphones, they sit down normally, but I constantly want to fix it. Under the small ears - not the best choice. Noise isolation in my opinion - average, could be better. If you achieve a deep landing, it will be even better.

Wire weight: 12.6 grams.

Headphone weight without attachment: 6.5 g:

BQEYZ KC2 will appeal to lovers of level feed, butwith one caveat, the total flow here is not exactly flat and not completely neutral. There is a slight accent of the upper middle and HF, as well as on the midbass (quite a bit). If we take the TRN V80 for comparison, the difference in the number of lower bass is immediately noticeable, the V80 has more of it. They sound denser and juicier, and KC2 is smoother and more accurate.
Here you have to choose who is listening ... Listenelectronic music, pop music, genres where clear bass is important, then of course it is better to pay attention to the V80. If you like an even / balanced sound, then these. But I repeat, they are not the most even, because of the raised and high frequency, they are a little bright / bright.
Headphones are capricious to the source, on a smartphone withoutthe selected “DAC” accentuate the upper middle and the upper even more strongly. A good player on a dedicated DAC, or some good sound card, is desirable to them in a couple.

Mid-frequency band transmitted with a shareaggression, midrange here are sharp because of the raised upper half of this range. It seems that this accent spoils the whole raspberry, very much obsessive. Headphones build a good scene in width and depth. Detailing MF is good for this price category. Middle frequencies lack warmth, saturation and density, but this is only in comparison with more expensive headphones (Shozy Hibiki), and when compared with competitors - the average ones are good. The middle is not filled up (on the V80, the middle and vocals are slightly drowned, but not here).
The bass is not the most massive, but not bad in quality,with a slight emphasis on midbass. It was possible to bring a little more than the lower bass, but so it will come down. Headphones do not baste that there is urine and do not tambourine, the bass is collected, fast.
Top pleased with good resolution and highdetailing. HF a little accented, which may not like the HF-fob. If you like a comfortable / soft sound, you definitely should not buy this model, look towards one-driver dynamic headphones (Shozy Hibiki MK2, Meze 11/12, Shozy Zero).
Total: All 3 models that I have reviewed (BQEYZ KC2, TRN V80, PHB EM-023) sound good, differ in nuances. BQEYZ KC2 among competitors are distinguished by a smaller amount of bass and an almost neutral character of the sound. Something like this. Perhaps, in all three models there are identical or similar reinforcing radiators, the difference is not so simple to understand, you need to really sit and compare. I don’t feel my ears with these tests :) But at low frequencies the difference is immediately noticeable. Headphones worthy and good, should last a long time.
Thanks for attention.