Hybrid headphones Revonext QT2

On the review are very popular hybrids Revonext QT2,The boom of this hybrid headphone model came at the beginning of summer, at the time of the release of laudatory reviews from the audiobudget and many other reviewers. Many began to order them, just like the last time, only one Wooeasy sold more than 700 copies on Aliexpress. The headphone circuit is familiar: 2 dynamic and 1 armature emitter. At the moment, an updated version of QT3 has been released, in which one more reinforcement has been added.

Appearance resembles the model KZ ZS6, this is alreadyall words are sung long ago. The brand Revonext belongs to “Yinyoo”, I don’t know why it was releasing headphones under a different name, under a different brand, I don’t possess information. Anyway.
cable: 125 centimeters (removable, 2pin connector, 0.75mm)
there is a version without a microphone or with a microphone (you need to pay extra)
resistance: 15Ω
Headphone sensitivity: 105db / mW
frequency range: 7-40000 Hz
metal cases in two colors to choose from (black or gray)
3 emitters in each earpiece (2 dynamic and 1 reinforcement)
I did not find information on the diameters of the emitters, if anyone owns - write, add.
Hull structure:

I didn’t have to choose a color option for a long time, I liked the black ones and ordered them.
Revonext QT2 are supplied in a nice cardboarda box. The box has a pleasant and simple design, the cases are shown, the color is indicated, the emitters are indicated. Dust jacket made of thin cardboard, and the inner part of the dense.

On the bottom indicated the characteristics:

Resistance is only 15 ohms.
I have a cable without a microphone, this version is a bit cheaper.

Cases and nozzles are located on the foam substrate, next is a white box with a wire.

There is a useless instruction: for those who do not know where to insert the headphones.

In general, the design is pleasant, but considering the cost, they could put a cover and a clothes peg (or more tips).

I almost forgot, there is a branded / named sticky.

The cable went separately in a white box.

Nozzles by the manufacturer are selected correctly, the sound is good already out of the box, by default:

I tried these ear cushions with TRN V80 hybrids, and I liked them more by the sound (better than the native V80 cushions). A little smooth sound, it becomes comfortable.

Now for the cable.

The cable here is not the best, it springs and it has a memory effect, the cable from the V80 will be better.
I met a similar cable at inexpensiveinserts (Qian 69), the cable has a transparent, silicone braid. Looks pretty cheap and easy. Optionally, you can replace the other, from the V80 or from other models.

The metal plug is of small diameter (6mm), with Revonext applied, there is a protective cambric.

Metal divider:

Each plug has a triple protrusion, due to which you can easily disconnect the wire from the housing:

Connection method: 2pin.

And of course there is an L-R markup.

Petars liked, albeit without a metal rod, but comfortable enough when wearing, soft.
The cases resemble KZ ZS6, which, in turn, copied from the expensive campfire audio headphones.

The build quality (manufacturing, painting) is at a high level, I do not observe gaps, the lid is securely fastened with three screws. The seam is neat, matte finish.

The sound system is protected by a metal plate:

The 2pin connector is recessed, under it is the application with the name:

There is a markup where a headphone is. From the outside there are two holes covered with a grill.

Near the sound guide there is one compensation hole. Armature radiator is located closer to the sound guide.
The sound guide itself has a protrusion, its diameter was 6 mm, and a little further: 5.7 mm.

Earphone size as follows: 21.5 (long part) and 11 millimeters in thickness. If to compare with PHB EM-023, they will be 13mm thick, due to a small protrusion, QT2 has no protrusion in this part.

The cable weighs 10 grams:

Earphone 6 grams:

Compare with other models: TRN V80, PHB EM-023, QKZ VK1, Shozy Hibiki MK2.

As for compatibility with the ears, to mySurprisingly, this form of the enclosures turned out to be quite good, it’s certainly not a miniature V80, but it will sit down normally in most cases. In live they are not as huge as in the photos. If to compare with Shozy Hibiki, QKZ VK1, in my case QT2 turned out to be preferable, their ears are not tired at all.
You can unscrew the 3 screws (hex). I unscrewed with the help of a triple screwdriver (put to atomizers for electronic cigarettes). Came up just right, it looks like this:

It is necessary to apply a little effort, as the screws are set on the thread retainer.
The thread lock is blue; one screw differs in the length and diameter of the thread (upper screw).

It looks like a cover with an insert in the form of a lattice, nothing new.

And of course the filling:

Connectors 2pin checked, sit securely.

As I understand it, there is still a crossover here:

As in the case with the hybrids "PHB EM-023", here everything is also filled with some kind of sealant.
Total: the case is cool, I liked it, the cable is an amateur of course.

Sources: Sabaj DA3, FiiO μBTR, Zishan Z3.

Acch graph, comparison with TRN V80:

Headphones played more than 100 hours.
In general, at first I did not quite understand them, partly inThis is my fault, it was littered with hybrid novelties, QT2 decided to leave for later. As it turned out in vain, it was necessary to listen a little longer and understand the whole essence of these headphones. The QT2 feed is interesting, the manufacturer decided to please everyone, raised the low frequencies slightly, raised the treble, turned out to be so cheerful, driving sound, but at the same time, the headphones do not bother what there is urine, and the hearing almost does not cut, in general, the sound setting is interesting. From the reviews, one thing is not entirely clear, someone considers QT2 equal, someone considers them V-shaped. In my opinion, the sound is still V-shaped, but the treble equalizes the bass, on some albums it seems that they are really balanced. Of course, this is far from Tin Audio T2 and Hifiman RE400, the bass here is noticeably larger.
The sound is just magical, the overall flow of the headphones is fast and collected. It took me a few hours to get used to, but further I was enjoying this sound.
The RF range stands out for its taunts here, but it is perceived by me as “softer” than in the hybrid novelties from
my previous reviews. Moreover, I quickly got used to this peak. There is even no desire to change some nozzles for foam and to change the source. Yes, there are noticeable cymbals (bright, detailed) here, in some cases the vocals can cut with their “c”, “c”, but this is a matter of habit, for example, the TRN V80 is even more aggressive in this regard. QT2 is a bit sensitive to recording quality.
The low frequencies are a bit overpriced, if we take for comparison the flat dynamos “Shozy Hibiki”, “RE400”, in which the low frequencies are smaller.
Despite the inflated bass, the bass is not bad here, with more or less fast fading.
But the strength of the headphones is averagefrequencies, despite the easy failure, they are very good. Natural natural vocals, believable scene, separation of plans, resolution, all with them. The middle and bass in these headphones complement each other, forming a musical, soft sound. Of course, the HF does not quite fit into the total pitch, but even here they are not superfluous;
Tin Audio T2: Nothing to do, less bass, the middle sounds thinner.
TRN V80: similar, QT2 does not have a peak at 2kHz, they sound more musical and pleasant, but lose a little in detail. V80 can only listen with foam nozzles, and QT2 with any. Given the cost of the V80 ($ 25), as well as sensitivity to the nozzles, I see no reason to change some headphones to others. It is difficult for me to choose a winner, since the V80 with nozzles from Comply resemble QT2 with native nozzles. Both models are worthy of attention. The sound in both cases is cool.

Opinion. In principle, I said everything, both models are good. Well, in whose favor to make a choice - see for yourself.
Thanks for attention.