Glamorous cilia on cars

All welcome on this site. Soon a year, as I monitor and buy goods here, but have never written reviews before. This is my first review and not the last!
My good friends wanted to install on Matizsuch cilia. Immediately ordered 10 sets for the sample "pen". At that time, the price was $ 18.85. I waited a very long time until they collect and send the parcel. 50 days have passed from the moment of payment to the moment of receipt. For a long time the parcel was lying in Moscow, that I managed to open a dispute and received the money back. The seller put the "C grade". A couple of days later, the seller phoned me on a cellular phone and in broken English tried to tell me that he wanted to raise his rating from neutral to higher. I said that as I receive the parcel with cilia, I will immediately put another assessment and pay for the goods. As a result, having come home and having read thoroughly on an alibaba in person, what the seller wants is that if I give an excellent mark, I can not pay for the goods, even if it reaches me. Well, I immediately made an excellent assessment, since I did not lose anything except time))

Here in this package I received a set of cilia:

This is how they look like on the background of a regular keyboard:

And this is the reverse side with a small photo instruction:

I have not yet found the minuses, everything is packed well according toparam. As friends will stick to your car, I will unsubscribe as well as that