Hot charge 5V2A from NILLKIN-netzhilkin

If there is at least one person in the box,who remembers my reviews, he probably knows that I love all sorts of charges. And who does not love them? Paraphrasing a line from a song that has sunk into the group for a long time, “yes, he who has never seen charge”. Well, now, when there was an action on charging by many reputable firms NILLKIN, I decided that an extra good charge in the house would not be superfluous. Heck! Yes, they are always lacking, what is there to say. Therefore, if the overview is interesting quite good (but with the nuances of charging), welcome under the cat)

Parcel arrived 20 days after order inMoscow in the usual yellow-dimpled china package. At home, having opened a parcel, I saw such a pretty craft blister. In my opinion the packaging design is very good. The minimum of color (despite the fact that full-color), everything is clear, everything in the case, strictly, concisely and at the same time pleases the eye. And of course brown crafting color impresses me terribly

On the back, it saysstandard USB interface plug-play, imported materials (not otherwise, as they probably carry from Japan), built-in multiple short circuit protection and in general, this charging is your reliable friend and friend

There is also a sticker with a scratch-field with the phone number of the director of Shenzhen Nillkin Technology Co., Ltd. authentication for originality checks charging

If interested, check

We open the packaging. Usually such blisters are opened by tearing off the upper part, where there is no plastic and the blister is split in two, like in memory cards. But it was not there. While I did not tear everything, I could not get to charging. Here, I must say, I was a little saddened. I was pleasantly confident that the green label “2.0 A FAST CHARGE” was applied directly to the gym. Well, such a design element. Although the site charging just looked white. Well, let's say goodbye to a beautiful label.
Charging is such a strongWhite cube knocked down (well, of course, this is not a cube from a geometric point of view) with slightly rounded edges of dimensions 84x23x40 mm, wrapped with a protective film.

USB input versus usually slightly biased. Here brief characteristics indicate 5B and 2A. We will check this characteristic further ...

First, let's look at idling, if there are knocks,Do not troit. Well, you know. Here I was waiting for the first unpleasant surprise. The tester did not want to be inserted into the USB charging socket. I looked inside, it seems everything is in order. I tried another tester - the same thing, it does not fit, damn it! I looked closer, the lower tongue was pressed too tightly against the plastic part inside the socket. Slightly unbent. It seems that the tester was inserted, but it is held somehow uncertainly. Slightly poked all the tongues with thin tweezers and the tester began to stick like in a normal USB. Well, unpleasant, but survive. So at idle 5.2V. Well, ok so, frankly, good!

The first little test - load 1A. Tester shows 5.11B and 0.9A

The second test and the second amp went. The voltage went down a little, but still above 5V. Total 5.05B and 1.71A

It’s hard to say where the missing tenths goamperes, therefore, we will continue to measure the electronic load with the adjustment. In addition, conventional resistors are very hot and gradually melt the insides of USB-connectors. Actually, this blue tester I swam in due time from one of such clumsy loads. Well, the tester will take a more convenient layout.
Check your testimony. Also at idle 5.19B

Also, approximately with a normal load of 5.08V and 1.78A

It was the turn of the adult 35-watt load.

Let's start with a nominal load of 2A. It is quite normal - 5.08V.

Well, if you can turn the knobs for a long time and with excitement, we twist to 3A (recall, charging at 2A). Well, charging did quite well, holding the voltage at 5.01V.

OK. Twist a little more to 3.2A. Charging of course grunted, but still kept the voltage at the level of the nominal load of inferior charges. Of course, I was spinning further, but the voltage there was catastrophically beginning to drop to almost 3V.

Well, all-all-all, back to calmlong-term test of nominal load in 2A. Holding the load for one hour under this load, warmed the room at 2.3 Ah. The voltage was kept at 5.06-5.08V.

For this I decided to finish the tests, I began to disassemblethe design and here came the second unpleasant surprise - the charge is very hot. He warmed up so that of course you can take your hands, but after a second you already want to pull up your hand. Charging warmed up to 62 degrees. In reality, I think even more. Because the body is very glossy, and even in a protective film, which I only thought to remove after all the tests))

I honestly tried to make out. It is clearly visible on the case that the plug is inserted into the main part of the case and even on a narrow edge one can see a small gap between these parts. But I only broke off the tip of the carving knife twice, trying to pry the hull in this place. And the phone spatula didn't even fit in there. The gap is visible, but it is very narrow. But on our happiness there is an analysis and comprehensive testing on the well-known site

In conclusion, I can say that charging meI liked it if it were not for the joint with the connector and quite strong heating (up to 84.5 ° C in the Danish review). But even at this temperature for an hour, the charge did not emit any odor. Nominal load 2A charging keeps no problems at all, but can also handle higher loads up to 3A. But it also holds a higher load of 3.2A, albeit with a drawdown to 4.6V. As the test of the same Danish shows, the pulsations are minimal and amount to 7-8 mV RMS and 92 mVpp (I do not know what this means, but judging by the graphs, the peaks are tiny and the author himself says that the noise is very weak). Charging does not squeak either idle, nor under the nominal, nor under the excess load. So charging is recommended for purchase, especially during the stock period.
UPD: I drove for 1 hour charging at 1A.

Good luck to everyone and beaver!)