Rick and Morty Cartoon Toy

Rick cucumber!
For those who do not understand what's the matter: This is a soft plush toy - a souvenir from a comedy, sci-fi animation series for adults "Rick and Morty." In short, the essence of the series is a hooligan animated parody of the “Back to the Future” film series.

And so, the toy is a cucumber. Rick (the main character is a scientist) turns himself into a pickled cucumber. This is the start of the 3 series 3 season.
For those who have not seen the series, the given passageIt is unlikely to be clear, and it will look like nonsense. But this is because you are not of other series, from which it becomes clear that the mad grandfather is constantly doing absurd things, which has already made him a good grandson.
I think the history is enough to answer the questions "what is it, how, from where, and why."
Comes easy in the package. Size - 19cm x 5.5 cm

Frontal application, normally stitched, nothing on the back. Filling - synthetics, such as holofiber.

Koshak liked, and was purchased for it)

What can I say - the toy is quite similar to the animated version.

Saw souvenirs and more terrible. For example, the characters should look like this:

And this is actively sold in Chinese stores:

In general - the usual plush toy for fans,I threw it into the basket for the order. Go for fans, for gifts / souvenirs. After the cat games no jambs got out, did not break, did not crumble. So all the rules.