An interesting novelty in the world of Blackview BV9500 protected smartphones. Review, crash test, immersion in water.

Hello! I, as a connoisseur of unkillable smartphones, could not get past the news from BlackView. The BV 9500 has a declared 10000 mAh, 4/64 battery, finger sensor, NFC, wireless charging, the protection standard has grown to IP69K. And also the manufacturer has finally moved away from the plugs, added a lace attachment point, saved 3.5mm and also 2 Sim cards + Sd card. Perhaps this is all that you could want from this smartphone. In the review there will be a crash test from a height of 170 cm on the floor, and the smartphone will float in a bucket of water. So, everything we love. but is everything so rosy in fact? I ask under the cat. Even if you do not need such a monster, it’s still interesting to read about such a smartphone. By the way, the Pro version of this smartphone will be a plus radio and 6/128.

Operating System - Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Additional features - OTG, NFC, FM Radio, Wireless Charging, Radio (BV9500 Pro)
Security - IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G (certificate)
Processor: MediaTek Helio P23 (MT6763V / CT)
Yad - 8
Configuration - 4 × 2.34 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4 × 1.79 GHz ARM Cortex-A53
Command set architecture - 64 bit ARMv8-A
Process Technology - 16 nm FinFET
Graphics core: Mali-G71 MP2
Core - 2
Frequency - 770 MHz
Process Technology - 16 nm FinFET
RAM - 4 GB
Internal memory - 64 GB
Wireless technology:
2 GHz: 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n, Dual Band
5 GHz: 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot
Bluetooth - V4.2 A2DP
NFC - Read / Write / Card Emulation, Data Transfer, P2P Mode
Wireless charging - QI standard
Functional - Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope, Magnetic Sensor, Motion Sensor, Compass, Fingerprint Scanner, Pressure Sensor
Event - LED Red / Blue / Green
Navigation - GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
Display size - 5.7 inches
Matrix type - IPS, Full HD +
Aspect Ratio - 18: 9
Brightness - 500 cd / m2
Color depth - 16.7M 24 bits
Resolution - 2160 x 1080
Pixel density - 425 PPI
Touch screen:
Module Type - Capacitive
Multiple touch - 5 at the same time
Glass type - Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Main camera module:
Primary Sensor - Sony IMX298 Exmor RS
Sensor Type - CMOS
Image Resolution - 16.4 MP (4672 x 3504)
Aperture - f2.0
Optics - 6 lenses
Focal distance - 3.5 mm
Video shooting - 1080p (1920 x 1080) @ 30 fps
Front camera module:
Sensor Model - Samsung S5K3L8
Sensor Type - ISOCELL
Image Resolution - 13.3 MP (4864 x 2736)
Aperture - f2.0
Optics - 5 lenses
Focal distance - 3.5 mm
Video shooting - 1080p (1920 x 1080) @ 30 fps
1 x 3.5 mm port for headphones and headset
1 x USB Type C
Battery capacity - 10,000 mAh
Type - Li-polymer BAK battery
Charge Modes - Normal (5V / 2A), Fast (9V / 1.5A, 12V / 2A)
Fast Charging - Pump Express Plus
Dimensions - 165 * 81.8 * 18.7 mm
Weight - 365 g
Materials - Metal, Plastic
Packing and packaging
The smartphone comes as almost all Blackview models in a white tight box. The box itself protects the smartphone very well.

Characteristics painted back

inside we are waiting for a rich equipment:
- film
- USB-TypeC cable
- microUSB-TypeC adapter
- headphones
- Instruction (including in Russian)
- USB-OTG TypeC adapter

Charger fast, works in the system of fast charging from MTK Pump Express plus
Charger output characteristics: 5V / 9V / 12V = 2A

The smartphone is no longer in the angular businessstyle, like my previous smart BV9000. The BV9500 does not stand out from the dense range of secure smartphones. It has a rubber case, considerable frames, metal inserts on the sides, large unused areas in front.

In front we see a selfie camera, conversationalspeaker, proximity sensors and lighting, Also there is a notification LED. Until the moment of the crash test, I had a film stuck on it, and the cuts on the films were made specifically for the LED and the sensors and the camera.
LED notification of 3 colors: blue red green

Bottom of the display is nothing involved area.
On the reverse side, the smartphone is covered with rubber, there is already a familiar double camera on top, below are all sorts of advertising signs engraved in the case, and even lower are the speaker and mount for the strap.

The main camera is double, there is a flash LED between the lenses of the cameras, there are two compensation holes on the right and left.
just below the tray cover for sim cards and memory cards. On the cover is written the name of the manufacturer and the icon does not immediately throw in the trash)))

The camera is not protected from the outside world. There is no small side, or some irregularities of the body, to protect it from the injustices of fate.
Below we have engraved inscriptions. First marked areas of the smartphone, responsible for wireless charging and contactless payment. Below are pictures of the benefits of a smartphone. And even below, the cherished letters for IPS-protected smart letters are written in IP68. Well, how not to write about it.

Below we see the opening of the musical dynamics and the mount for the lace.

Consider the edge of a smartphone
From above, we still have a rudiment from the Pro version in the form of a plug of the installation location of the radio antenna. I picked it up, I did not get the stub ... Although there are figures who otkovyryal it yet. Everything is flooded there ... the water does not penetrate.

From the sides of the smartphone metal inserts, I say nothing new ...
On the left side are metal volume control buttons and a plastic black PTT button, used to activate the walkie-talkie mode.
On the right side of the lock / unlock button, a fingerprint sensor and a smart button.

Now the most interesting side is the bottom. There is naturally located TypeC connector for charging and synchronizing with a PC. As you can see, there are no stubs. This is a pleasant step from the company. I declare responsibly, since I have torn off the stub by 9000. And from the bottom we have a microphone hole and Ta-dame 3,5mm. It is also joyful, since many manufacturers have already stopped installing it.

Here is a larger attachment under the lace

Consider how this brick sits in your hand.

And, of course, we measure

Yeah, the thickness of course is incredible. Like three sharps aquos))
And weight!!! 357 grams !!!

Not bad…
But what we wanted, for the sake of the battery, you can suffer)))
Let's take a closer look at the SIM card tray. In order to open it, unscrew the 2 screws and snap off the tray. He sits very tight. so be careful.
Inside there are 3 slots, under 2 nanoscards and one microSD card ...

Electronics protected by gasket. which is pressed by a ledge on the lid.

Let's go to the display of the smartphone
This new product installed 5.7 inch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080
This is the same fullHD stretched under the proportions 18: 9
The colors are bright, juicy, but I can’t name the display very bright. On a bright sunny day, he is blind.
And there are claims to auto-backlighting, it is leisurely ...
Colors are not lost on all sides, viewing angles are good.

The touch is set to 5 touches.

Display closed with Gorilla Glass withoutoleophobic coating. I use it without films, right after I dropped it, I took it off. The operating experience of protected smartphones with blackview gives confidence in good quality from glasses. Although small microscratches on 9000 still appeared. So buy an additional protective glass probably still worth it.
To tachu no complaints, everything is stable.
By, tests and games
BV9500 running android 8.1.0 oreo
By the way, all screenshots are reduced and bundled together, who need the originals, you can download them here
Installed corporate launcher from Blackview, with black wallpaper and slightly redrawn icons. The rest of the android is clean.

You can also immediately put your launcher, and enjoy the buns of the 8th Android

The menu on the current firmware translated into Russian is very bad. We will wait for the update, the last time the update brought the translation of all the items, I hope there will be as well.
Here we can see the settings for the behavior of the notification LED, gestures and settings for the smart button.

Let's go through the program of measuring the speeds of operational and permanent memory

We run the test Antutu, on average, the device is gaining 87,000 parrots.

Let's do a stress test from an antitu


Check program device info HW

Now it's Aida64's turn

For some reason, loved by someone Geekbench

At the same time run a test from 3Dmark

And check for the presence of the declared sensors. Open By Sensor Tool. Well, what's missing is a temperature sensor, and so there are all modern sensors, including a barometer.

Passing through the menu, I can not fail to note the obvious dampness of the installed software. Menu items are not translated normally into Russian.
For example, the usual setting screen itemI did not find Mirravision at all. and there are no settings for the functionality of the PTT button, this requires a third-party software, and could be made out of the box. Also, there is only a setting for one press of a smart button, and there is no additional setting for a long press or dubclick ... There are no settings for the behavior when pressing the finger sensor, as in previous models. I really hope that this will be fixed in the updates.
In general, the work of the smartphone pleases no hangs,or explicit brakes. Everything is within the limits of the new Helio P23. And a very nice feature is to set the notification indicator, as you want, any color to any notification. Only charging is red, and the battery is charged green in default.
Synthetic tests. it's all good, but we will check it for the moment of toys
Download tanks. Tanks can comfortably play at medium settings.

Download asphalt 9. Settings for the maximum and you can even take a pretty good ride.

Download modern combat 5? it's nice to play at medium settings

Download Dead Trigger2. just flies

For the game 4. The display is good, the performance is average, and the battery decides right.
Wireless interfaces
The device works in networks 2G, 3G, 4G
Unfortunately, I never got to the engineering menu of this smartphone. No program has reached out. I think it's in Android 8. Although I can be wrong.
The device supports turbo mode WiFi + 4G and access point.
Reception on communication worthy. in a village where Sharp Aquos S2 has problems, this division always has ...
WiFi level has a decent reception level,at the same time, compared with the BV9000, LeEco LeS3, Sharp aquos S2, this smart has a better transfer speed over WiFi. Although the reception from the BV9000 is no different. In terms of reception, both BlackView devices are stronger than the mentioned smartphones.
GPS works in GLONAS and GPS, a cold start for a few seconds. reception sure. at least in the woods, even in urban areas
Once in the Navigator, I was taken along the side of the road, and not along the road, then this was no longer the case.
Checked work on the trip, copes, the battery sits meeeleeennno. But specific tests on detente to carry laziness. When the GPS is not heated. At least not palpable.
I don’t turn off WiFi and data transfer at all; they just change when you enter a zone of a known WiFi network or leave it. The benefit of autonomy allows.

Also pleased with the NFC module in this smartphone. It works at a distance of 4-5 cm from the terminal, and has never caused any complaints, maps and travel cards are easily emulated and work stably.

About wireless charging decided to refer to the head of the battery.
Also checked bluetooth
Works well with a gamepad

And also absolutely did not hear a single disappearance paired with my favorite bluetooth headset. Although it is rather her merit, since her reception is straight very strong.

The main camera from Sony IMX298 with 16.4 megapixel (4672 x 3504) is installed in this smartphone
Why do I call the main camera, although we can see two behind them? Yes, because the second camera is Fake.
The camera can shoot video at 1920 × 1080. And the modes of the native application are very modest, only 4: video, photo, panorama and bokeh.

Bokeh standard software, just select the diameter of the blur circle.
In general, the camera is not bad. For neubivashki worthy.
Although the sediment from the lack of a double chamber remained. In bv9000 she pleased.
See examples of photos. hide under spoiler. The first photo is an example of a selfie, the last 2 is an example of a pseudo side.
Additional Information

Here is link on the originals photo
Selfie camera really works for faisanlock, only with glasses / cap / or at night does not work.
The manufacturer claims the installed battery is 10000mAh. Well, check it out. To begin with, hell I discharge my smartphone. Let's install the usual quick charge and write a trend. Charged for a long time, left for the night.

And what do we have ?? The tester showed 9000 mAh. As suggested in the comments
So in terms of 3.6V a little more than 10,000 mAh. But for some reason I thought that the tester is able to calculate it ...
Well, OK.
Now, after the measurement, we consider the actual operation.

The smartphone is easy enough for 3 days of average use when the Internet is never turned off and all notifications are spilled as it should be.
If you use direct very active, then it will be enough for 2 days. I will emphasize the Day !!! not working days.
Launched PCMark he issued 15.5 hours of operation.
If you watch 1080 video on YouTube via WiFi, then it lasts for about 20 hours with the display brightness 70%
I did not try to test toys so much ...
In general, a very decent autonomy.
I also checked the wireless charging.
The smartphone is capable of receiving "by air" 9V 0.8. But you need QI charging more powerful than I have.
For some reason, mine stops charging with such characteristics after 5 minutes ...
Although the charging itself is convenient for such a large smartphone.

At the same time, when using wireless charging from a native charger, I could not take more than 5V ...

and if you charge on the wire, then everything is fast

The battery fully charges in approximately 5 hours from the wire.
Protected properties
I have seen a lot of complaints to authors who received protected smart by p18 and do not test it at the time of falls and dives. Now I got smart for free, so let's get down to the tests.
First, let's see the fall of the smartphone from a height.170 cm just about the floor. On the floor linoleum semi-commerce. So that you know, semi-commerce linoleum is very coarse, has absolutely no soft substrate. And under the linoleum immediately plywood.
Here's a slow-motion video of the fall of a smart just from the hand of my height.
If this is not enough, there will be a video review below, where everything will be filmed a) from the side with real speed, b) this slowed-down piece, c) at this very moment of falling directly from the camera of the falling smartphone itself.
And now I propose to watch a small video immersion in a bucket of water.

If this is not enough, then the video review below will also check the speaker and microphone after bathing. and also I will disassemble a tray with sim cards and I will show that there is no water there.
And also the network already has a video where the BV9500 is dropped from a height even higher than 2m several times in a row, heated to 80 degrees,
and drown in a bucket for 2 hours ...
So, according to the protected properties, the smartphone is not very bad.
Even unexpectedly for such a heavy brick. Blackview Like.
A few words in a separate column
It is worth praising the fingerprint sensor, its location on the side is very convenient and works 10 out of 10.
Speaker and microphone at a good level.
Adovo's music speaker is loud, but there is stilltick reinforce speaker, but I do not turn it on. The speaker, by the way, is so-so, by musicality ... And I noticed one thing, when you start a video, both speakers are spoken and musical. Type stereo. Maybe so at all ...
Vibration is well felt. I thought it would not be felt in such a big spade.
The lanyard fastens easily around his neck. At first there were also doubts, but not all the rules.
The proximity sensor in the conversation is not the best, sometimes you press something accidentally with your ear. 3 out of 5
The camera is not protected, I think this is a weak point of the smartphone.
Buttons do not call, like the model 9000
In general, the model was successful, in my opinion,
consider the pros
+ Autonomy
+ great work GPS wifi bluetooth
+ Protective properties are perfect. (impact resistance, water protection)
+ 3.5mm, while there is TypeC
+ Fastening for lace
+ Finally, there are no plugs + regular cables without extended TypeC connectors.
+ Wireless charging, NFC
+ 2SIM cards + Sd card.
I can not fail to note the fact that there are enough cons too.
- size and weight. Although after the BV9000 to use it is not particularly difficult. but the habit is needed. At first, for the conversation, 15 minutes the hand got tired
- The camera is not double, and the second is fake. (I don’t take the quality of the photo as a plus or minus, it’s good for me, but everyone decides for himself.)
- The camera is not protected
- By raw, hopefully, it will be corrected by updates (which, incidentally, have not been a single one yet)
That turned out to be a smartphone. I tried to make the most complete review for you, if I missed something, write in the comments, I will answer all!
And to someone who wants to see him live, I prepared a video review, where I showed my smartphone, I drove it, checked it after a fall, bathed it, checked it again. And told his thoughts about him ...