Backlight lamp power inverter for Samsung R700 / R710 laptops

A very specific product that you can hardlyYou will find in stores such as DealExtreme or in Russian retail. The price is not too low if you take only one piece (almost 32 bucks), but repairing the laptop in the service will cost many times more.
The Samsung R700 and R710 series have been quiteWe are popular about 3 years ago due to the good price-quality ratio. But there is one problem. My R710 and another R700, which fell into my hands, for no reason at all, the screen backlight flicker. But forum ixbt There is a big topic on these laptops, and judging by it,This problem is relevant for many owners of this device. I tried the methods proposed in it (disassembled the laptop, washed the contacts of cables and connectors with alcohol, washed the contact point of the inverter board with the ground, but nothing helped. I had to order an inverter.

In the process of replacing photos, I did not, so do not blame me. I can only say that there is nothing difficult in replacing this board, but you have to be careful.
The new board had to bite off a corner (since there were no tracks for it), since otherwise, it did not fall into place of the old.
Total: For more than a month now, there have been no problems with lighting, and I am very pleased that I have spent the purchase of an inverter. By the way, the Chinese packed it very well in multi-layer packaging and placed it in a rather large box, so the risk of damage during delivery was minimal.