We make a replacement Mini PCI-E network card for a laptop

Good afternoon (optional evening / night).
For a long time I have not laid out their homemade. Today I propose to familiarize yourself with how I got out of the situation with a burned-out WI-FI module in a laptop.
Prehistory of all that will happen below
The story is such that once the above mentioned module died.

Sometimes it can not be helped. For a while my wife used a laptop with this USB dongle. Well, a very popular product here.

But considering the size of the apartment and the peculiarity of the location of the laptop, this card was caught very well, just ugly.
Then it was decided to rearrange this module in the case of a non-working flash drive and solder the antenna to it from the tablet.

The device works to this day perfectly, but the bulging module began to attract the attention of a curious child.
The module began attacks, not round-the-clock,but extremely constant. One day, the child jerked it well and bent the USB connector. And then the thought occurred to me, why not unplug the antenna connector on the module and insert it into the laptop ...
USB3.0 adapter
After reviewing the cost of the new card, I decided to embed everything in the Mini PCI-E adapter and we will get an excellent network card, this module works fine with a normal antenna.
The choice fell on the cheapest adapter. Especially did not choose, it was necessary to fix it cheap and cheerful.
Let's take a look at it:
Come sealed in an antistatic bag, inside with an adapter is a mounting kit.

The module itself:

There is nothing special to paint here, I'm not going to test it on USB 3.0. I need only a working USB port.
Donor with the module together:

Then we disassemble this map and get the necessary set:

At the end on the right is a bluish rectangle, this is the antenna, we carefully solder it and put it in the box with antennas (yes, I have such a box 8)).

Next, I blown out the antenna jacks from the old, inoperable network cards.

Vypayal 3 pieces on the case that one will break, the second will be lost, and the third I will install. But it took one.
This is how the unsoldered nest on the map looks like:

After all this, I inserted a module to check into the computer, I never killed him with static. Everything was good, the module was recognized.
Here is the new laptop network card:

Installed network card:

Laid a piece of film, so as not to get a short circuit on the hard disk connector.
In my opinion, the solution was simply incredibly elegant and simple. The cost of the whole product is about 200 rubles, I did not lose in speed, but I only gained in appearance. I can’t rejoice right away.