MicroUSB Charging Cable, Type C, Lightning

Good afternoon (optional evening / night).
And if we do not cut the cable, which was sent according to claim 18? Of course!
I propose to gut Chinese cable, and see what comes out of it, and can this cable be used? They drove.
In general, I got a review of this cable. The cable is quite simple and at the same time not simple. But first things first.

As usual, a warning:

All responsibility, namely independent penetration into the body of the finished product with the subsequent violation of its integrity of efficiency, lies with the person who committed this action.
Support standard: Quick Charge 3.0 (doubtful if refer to the specification)
At the output holds up to 5V / 2.4A (and this is quite affordable power)
Length: 1m
Supported connectors: MicroUSB, Type C, Lightning
Conductor material: Copper (non-copper coated aluminum)
Twisted braid material: nylon
Braid material: TPE, some polymer is similar to PVC
We are promised a sufficient set of connectors for charging:

And this corresponds to the reality:

At the end of each connector has a plastic insert, which does not affect its flexibility, this is the future fracture site.
In general, the cable is quite durable in appearance and thick.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a USB doctor, but without him one can say that the QC 3.0 standard will be given to him with difficulty.
Here is the cable on the phones of employees:

Connector length - standard. MicroUSB will not reach deep ports.
Cut neatly woven braid:

Then we tear out the white braid flap by force and gain access to the veins inside it:

Oppa, surprise. Only two cores. It turns out the cable can produce data transmission connected only to the Iphone.
Strange, very sorry to be honest. What cheated people with devices on android.
Well, okay, we clean the veins and look further:

Well, at least there is not cheated, copper, natural copper.
In general, this cable was donated to an employee with an Iphone.
In general, I think I will keep 2A with a vengeance, in general, he connected to such a power supply unit. 8), although if you have a very good power supply ... but well, its perversions are everything.
The cable itself is not bad, but depressing, that the data is transmitted only by Lightning. I was pleased that for such money there is natural copper, and not steel or, at worst, aluminum.
For this price, it is quite a good product, if you have an Iphone and a cloud of other devices that do not need synchronization with a computer. Or an excellent cable to the office, for charging among employees.
As a result, the review is simple and straightforward and extremely fast, the main message is that the cable is copper and the conductor is thick enough to charge.