KingCamp Weekend 3 - Spacious Camping Tent

Hello. Today in my review I will show the KingCamp Weekend 3 tent, for camping and the beach, as the seller positions it. Not a fan of outdoor activities, and therefore ordered a tent at the request of his daughter, who for the second summer in a row goes with the athletes to the tent camp. More precisely, to the recreation center with houses and amenities. However, for the sake of extreme, some guys set up tents in the campsite and, as the daughter herself says, the adventure begins.

Technical description

Package and appearance description
The tent is packed in a shipping bag,good size: a tent plus the whole set can easily fit in it. There is a strap with a special carabiner lock to reduce the size of the tent when folded. The bag is sewn of waterproof fabric, tightened with a cord with a retainer.

Inside the bag are located:

  • in special fabric bags - tubes in the form of tubes (3 arcs) and pegs with delays
  • inner tent
  • external awning
  • chain mat

Instructions for assembling the tent are sewn to the bag. For beginners, like me, come in handy.

All components turned out to be of high quality, free from defects and odor.
Dimensions of the tent with a platform 340cm * 210cm
The height of the bedroom 130cm,
The height of the vestibule is 100cm, its length is 130cm
The fabric composition is indicated on tags.

This is a tent with an inner frame, i.e. frame arcs are located inside (between the inner tent and the awning). First, an inner tent clings onto the arcs, after which an awning is put on top. The awning is also fastened with ties to the frame of the inner tent on the inside of the awning. It is necessary to be very attentive and begin to fasten the outer tent to the arms with ties, starting from the top down. In one place during the assembly, I missed the string, so the tent shifted slightly from the arc. At the intersection of the arcs they should be tied up with ties. The arc is convenient to attach to the inner tent with hooks.

The frame is tubular. The tubes are made of strong plastic with metal tips and have a connecting gum inside. The tubes are interconnected by inserting each other. The ends of the arcs are connected to the base of the tent by means of metal pins, which are sewn to each corner of the tent's bottom and inserted into the tube.

There is some space between the two tents.
This double-layered tent consists oftents made of thin breathable fabric and top waterproof awning. Not a bad decision: after all, the tent does not allow rain and wind inside, and the inner tent protects against mosquitoes, plus it makes the inner space somewhat warmer and, in addition, a thin breathing fabric facilitates the passage of water vapor and condensate draining along the inner walls of the outer tent. The bottom of the tent is made in the shape of a trough, bumpers protrude from the ground by 15-20 centimeters, the fabric is waterproof.
The seams are smooth, neat, but not specially treated with any sealant.

It should be said about the mat. It has a trapezoidal shape, the fabric is very dense, also waterproof. The rug is attached to the frame of the awning and then fixed with pegs.

Awning two-color, but the fabric of the same quality.

As for the shape of the tent, I would call itcombined. The skeleton in the sleeping section is represented as intersecting arcs, and the vestibule is separated from the sleeping bag by an arc parallel to it. For which the special sewn pocket on the outside of the awning is intended, the arc is inserted into it. Tambour expands the useful space of the sleeping department, because the main part of things and shoes can remain outside of it, and it will be convenient to change clothes in it (only transparent :)). The vestibule is spacious and, thanks to the triangular polyethylene windows, it is light.

Gathering a tent, you need to strengthen it. For this, classically foreseen storm strings. There are 6 of them in total. The peg is much larger; they will reinforce the tent additionally around the perimeter, pulling on the sewn gum.

Let us consider the elements of the tent. There are 2 entrances to the tent: in front of the tent opens in parallel vertical vertical lightning.
The side door has one zipper sewn arc. Additionally, the zipper is protected by velcro flaps. Two-way lightning. Bright orange cords are attached to the locks. Both doors lead to the vestibule, and, if desired, they can be twisted and secured with hinged clasps.

Internal door leading directly tothe sleeping section opens with a lightning bolt sewn into the arc. The door is double: the outer layer - mosquito net - only opens from the outside. A second fabric door is sewn to it along the contour, which opens from the inside. Both doors can be twisted and secured at the bottom with special eyelets. On locks also bright noticeable laces are attached.
Inside view of a tent with and without mosquito net:

Inside on the walls of the tent there are 2 pockets, 3 ventilation windows and a ring under the dome for hanging the lantern.

The awning is also provided with ventilation windows, which are protected by velcro visors.
The windows of the inner tent coincide with the windows of the outer one:

The tent is sorted out even faster than it is going. Additional care is not required when assembling the fabric part - the shipping bag is quite spacious, and the entire kit easily fits in it.
About sensations. We went on a family picnic with a tent already 2 times. The weather in our region whispers - how can you not cook kebabs at +20 at the end of October? The daughter herself learned to establish herself a temporary house. The youngest child loved this hut, his wife was even angry - they left to bask in the sun, and the child sat in the tent for the whole walk. They set up a tent in a sunny meadow, but the fabric does not let the sun through, it is comfortable inside. The earth is very cold now, so the first trip was taken with an airbed: high on the ground, but cold. She was covered with an extra warm blanket. At night, even if it will be in the summer, it will be too cold on it without bedding. Ideally, there is not enough, of course, sleeping. Having stood in the forest on wet ground for 3-4 hours, the bottom of the tent did not get wet from the ground. The air with the child in the tent was warming up. Inside it was warm, and, leaving the tent to the street on a windless day, I felt cool.
We were all satisfied with the tent. Daughter has learned to collect a summer house. Undoubtedly, I appreciated the dimensions of the tent - it is quite large. There is enough space for 14-year-olds, with their weight and height, they can easily get along with three of them. Plus - it is a vestibule, it is not superfluous for wild teens outside the comfort zone: dirty shoes will remain outside the bedroom, I hope.
A complete set of 4.6 kg of weight (a tent, a bag, a rug) can upset the walkers a little, but in our case the tent will move to the camp not on the back, but in the trunk. And there it will somehow make it.
The inspired daughter is already making plans for the next summer.
And yet, I agree with the seller, this tent is not for serious camping trips, it is quite suitable for a weekend in clear weather.
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