Chinese Budget SSD Goldenfir 360GB SATA-3

In my laptop (Acer c intel i3-3217U and 6 GBRAM) HDD is installed in a state of "emission" because the first 70 GB were with bad blocks (there are a lot of them). I did not use this site, I just created a section on this site, but did not format it. I used this train for 4 years, while the data was not lost, and after 70 GB the surface was fine. But during this time the system was cluttered, everything began to slow down and I decided to change the HDD to SSD. The volume of 120 GB is not enough, 500 is a bit too much and not budget. Stopped on the amount of 360 GB.

SSD is one of the cheapest, no guarantee and support, and when buying, I knew that I was playing the lottery).
Came drive in a yellow package.
It comes in an antistatic bag, there is no kit.

The box is made of plastic.

A warranty sticker is attached to the connector.

Heated with a hair dryer gently peel it and disassemble it.
The fee is small, normal soldering.

This SSD is equipped with a Micron 6LB22 NW849 memory chip. There is almost no information about it, there is a mention in a recall on aliexpress that it is TLC.

Controller budget Silicon Motion SM2258XT without a memory buffer.

To replace the drive in my case, I had to disassemble the laptop.

Old HDD, inserted into the box and will use it as a portable hard drive.

I installed a clean WIndows 10, updated, installed the necessary software, did not additionally configure anything, did not disconnect it. All by default.
The system boot time from the moment you click to the desktop is 18-20 seconds. Already significantly faster, before loading a few minutes.
Information from SSD-Z

CrystalDiskInfo. According to her information on the SSD has been recorded about 400 GB.
By the way, the temperature changes and the maximum after the tests was 60 grams.

Test the speed.
CrystalDiskMark. Different disk fullness - different speed.

SSD-Z benchmark

Read speed in HD Tune pro.


Copying to external HDD connected via usb 3.0
The recording speed is maximum for HDD, which is set in the box.

Copy to ssd. Not at all fast, and the speed sometimes fails.

SSD is not fast, but nevertheless with it the laptop opened a second wind, fast boot, good response, this is not even achieved with a new hard disk.
I do not know that in terms of reliability, the TLC resource has only 1000 rewrites, but I hope it will work for several years) At least kingfast f9 has been working for almost 4 years (but still this is a completely different level).
Thanks for attention!