Chinese PU leather wallet after a year of operation

Greetings, dear Muscovites, all the besttime of day. So, I decided to share my impressions of a Chinese wallet made from the skin of a young dermantin, ordered for less than $ 3 a year ago on the market. Who cares - I ask under the cat.
So, well, before that I had a lot of wallets,mostly leather (but somehow they came across the fabric), but often they didn’t live for a long time, after just a couple of months of operation, signs of wear and tear appeared. So, I decided to try to take a wallet from China, something is cheaper, to see what happens with this, I chose a model up to 3 bucks by the price (including a $ 1 coupon), and ordered it. The order was made in September last year, the package arrived in October (as I recall, it delivered New Mail). I want to note that there is no compartment for small things in the standard form of the wallet. So, let's go to the wallet itself.

I note that there are 2 options, "horizontal" and "vertical" orientation of the wallet, I chose the first one.
So, as you can see in the photo (or not see if the quality does not allow) after a year of operation, the appearance of the wallet from this very operation was not affected.

So, this wallet is made in the form of a book,which does not close on the fastener, inside 2 compartments for bills, also without fasteners. On the back side there is a large zippered compartment, I don’t know for what purpose, I drag a little thing there in bulk. Also inside there is a "folding" envelope for bank cards / business cards, under it - 4 card pockets, on the contrary - similarly, card pockets (3 pieces), as well as 2 pockets for mini-SIM SIM cards (SIM in common) .
According to the results, for the year of operation the wallet itselfshowed excellently, nowhere did nothing become stratified or torn, the appearance did not hurt, even in the rear compartment, which was lightly filled with so many small things at times.
Also from the good side of the seller himself is characterized by the fact that after more than a year from the date of purchase, the product page is still relevant.

My conclusions - I am satisfied with the wallet, I hope it will last another 3-4 years, at least, at least after a year of operation, it has not lost its appearance.