A deck of PET playing cards

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Today, a little tip about playing plastic cards. Chinese and pretty cheap.
There have recently been a few reviews on pretentious branded cards, well, and what ordinary people are cut into a fool?
As part of mastering board games, he taught his son to play cards. The fool and poker. For him, it's just entertainment, just like the tag and dominoes.

So, the son of the card crumples, the paper deck quickly becomes useless.
I decided to take something more durable.
Before that, he did not hold plastic cards in his hands.
The purchase was spontaneous, for a couple of minutes I found it on Ali, I did not choose for a long time.
The parcel arrived by China Post with the track.
The box is also plastic:

The deck is packed in a package:

Maps of typical size 57 * 87 mm.
Plastic cards are heavier than paper:

A deck of 54 cards, plus two jokers.
Shirts to choose from:

Appearance of cards:

Rich golden "gypsy" color! Luhuri! ©
High cards of all stripes:

The peculiarity of the map drawing is that suit icons shimmer:

On the Ace of Spades label:


In comparison with cheap paper cards:

Plastic cards are more practical: do not crumple, there are no traces of a bend and greasy traces from hands. Water is not scary.

mixing the deck seems harder, the cards are smoother.
Bend well:

Thickness of one card:

In the reviews they write that they are erased, but I have not yet noticed.
When you play in artificial light, I would like to lighten the cards, so as not to strain your eyes.
I think to order such.

They are a little more expensive, but they are the usual pattern and light background. A deck of 36 pieces, by the way.
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!