Designer Tesla Coil / SSTC / Kacher Brovin

Good price for the designer for children and adults $ 2.99
Everything is simple and trite. Coil, transistor, capacitor and resistor with LED. An excellent and most important simple constructor that allows you to pass the time.
Contents of delivery:

Chassis size: 49X35 mm
Coil parameters: diameter 20 mm length 60 mm, wire diameter 0.11 400 turns

Operating voltage: from 5 -12V
Resistance: 47 K
Capacity: 105
Transistor: 2N2222
LED: blue - 3 mm
Close-up connection diagram:

Video of the device:

The discount is valid for the whole set not including batteries. If you are not confident in your abilities, then you can get ready for a higher price.
Delivery to Russia is free.
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