Designer Lepin 05007 Millenium Falcon

“Chewy, get the hyperdrive!”"About a month ago I was talking about a two-week marathon for assembling a huge analogue of the constructor being overlooked." Now, I suggest looking at the falcon in the usual way
I usually do not indicate this point, but I was pleasantly surprised. On August 20, the parcel was accepted in China, on the 28th I was already on the shelf in my post office.

A square cardboard box rewound with scotch tape hides a bunch of small sachets inside, a sheet with stickers and instructions.

Once again I was surprised by the memory of my son. He forgets to fasten his pants, and glancing at the open box, he immediately determined that it was the Millennium Falcon. One round detail, right. Well. it is understandable, if it is interesting to you, concentration immediately appears.

Actually the bags and instructions, where for some purposes the number of the designer is stuck.

In general, the instruction norms, but only as a whole. Somehow, before this, the lepinevans were better. And even a number of bezporodny even, here the seal is only tolerable, it is often necessary to scratch a turnip that where to cling. Here the giant falcon had a divine instruction, where the parts already collected were discolored, only the cubes from the current step were in color.

I'll start with the mini-figures:
Ray (Rey)
Finn (Finn)
Han Solo
Chewbacca (Chewbacca) was last seen in the rat's paws, who then tore apart a couple of complete spiral tubes. In general, it is not in the photo.
Tasu Leech (Tasu Leech) - the head of a criminal organization that wished to settle accounts with the owner of a starship. He has long black hair and dark brown clothes ..
The thug gang "Kanjiklab" (Kanjiklub Gang Member) wears eye patch.
BBC Eight (BB-8 Astromech Droid)

the assembly is quite simple, unlike the masses of many other models in this series, almost the entire assembly was mastered by a first grader. Part, however, had to be finished later, where without it.
The floor of the ship rests on a pile of beams, they give sufficient strength, the designer does not bend / breaks, it feels like a single whole.

At the very beginning you can see some interesting things. For example the emergency exit ramp and the secret compartment (remember where Finn hid with Rey under the floor?)

Gradually overgrown with meat. As you can see, constructively nothing complicated.
Chewie decided to prikremarit, good there are two couches.

In fact, that's all the decoration of the ship, in contrast to the giant falcon, this is quite possible to play.

The most constructively interesting solution is the "petals", which converge into the roof. By opening them, the player gains access to the interior of the vessel.

And there is something to see. You can, again prikomerit

Chess hack

Stand up for DJ turntables and mix the most fashionable track that even Yoda will pass

You can climb into the gun turret and shoot. By the way, yes, the ship in two nasal compartments has proton guns.

The second good detail is the nasal entrance ramp.

right behind her is the captain's chair.

The sides are quite detailed and look good. Immediately, by the way, you can spot a cannon placed at the very top of the ship.

In the stern, through the groove on the perimeter shouldsomething like a greenish spiral, designed to depict running engines, was stretched. But he was torn to pieces by the Rat (or Hemp - they both were already caught eating similar parts from other reviews).

This additional entrance is open.

Supports are not removed. Visible gun in the lower part of the body.

Well, in comparison with the older brother. The view is certainly far from impressive. That's just this huge falcon I put up for sale, it’s impossible to play with him, he is great, a purely collectible thing, I’d better buy this “death star”. A 05007 even if it consists of only 1300 parts, but with it you can play perfectly normal

Got what they wanted. the son of 4-5 hours spent on a favorite thing, collected with pleasure and independently, the designer moderately complex. Then you can safely play. To fly there on it, firing from guns, or to play scenes inside the ship, since there everything is open. Quality familiar to Lepine, quite a good one - complete compatibility with the original. There is some spare parts. There are no claims to quality, final appearance or anything else. The price is quite humane, the delivery is just lightning, so I can recommend the sale.
Well, to the heap, who chose the dark side.